Football: Germany vs Algeria and Mexico vs Netherlands

These days I couldn’t see the World Cup completely except the exciting match between Germany against Algeria. But I saw enough of Mexico-Netherlands to have an opinion.

Mexico vs Netherlands:

I saw the last minutes, clearly Netherlands wanted to win and they get it. Robben was smart, as any competent football player, to tend a trap to the contraries, the Mexican defender fell in it and did a foul: penalty. The Mexican team wasn’t very solid to find the goal; and well, in this game not necessarily the team with nicer game wins, just the one that gets more goals so despite the great Mexican team and its extraordinary goalkeeper Ochoa, Netherlands scored more goals and that’s the end. Every match is a final.

Germany vs Algeria:

I wasn’t in home so I rent an internet public cabin with a big LCD, I asked one with an appropriate view and the beautiful girl get me what I wanted (in World Cup time I mean a seat with a view to the TV, in another time I would like instead a smile) So the match begun, in first time Algeria seemed much closer to the victory, but Germany has history and they were tough, although not as years ago they are still strong. In second time both of them were trying and this match was fueled by the fear to lose more than the fear to win (it’s something that happens sometimes in this stage) so it ended in what seemed just a few minutes.

So we go to the supplementaries. I was afraid that the match ended in penalties cause the goal is the reason to be of the football and in penalties there is no much fun, although much more stress. But came his majesty the goal with the inspiration of Schürrle, usually Germany is quite technic and against a rival with a great tactic scheme they can suffer it, but inspired players can break it and in this case it was with a subtle and impossible ball to the excellent Algerian goalkeeper. After that came another German goal signed by Özil but Algeria was still alive and they wanted to play and fight and even kill to despair of the German fans, so it came an explosive goal by the Algerian Djabou, it was almost luck that in the last seconds didn’t came the last goal.

Both teams had great and rapid goalkeepers, both had the will to win and the skill to get it, and both had the fitness to endure a very demanding match. If Algeria had would won it would be also fair, but then again football is not the reign of “what if” and German won and it’s ahead. Algeria can go to home with pride, I admire the two teams I saw today.

Football: Brazil vs Chile and Uruguay vs Colombia

Today I saw these games and I’ve to say that the end was unexpected and expected at the same time. Let’s see my reasons:

Brazil vs Chile:

It was expected the Brazilian victory, it was unexpected the almost Brazilian defeat.

Brazil played badly ,to be Brazil I mean; indeed I think the classic Brazil there no exists anymore. Now is a team with players skilled but not outstanding. At least I don’t see another Ronaldo or Romario. Before the Brazilian style were so dynamic and joyful that certainly it was a pleasure to see it and even more you can dream to try to play with those movements when football time with your friends. Not anymore, this Brazil don’t move me emotionally and actually I feel a certain antipathy.  Chile was very closer to eliminate them, it were just seconds when an almost goal go against the Brazilian pole. The 1-1 in the ninety minutes is a remark of the Chilean strength to fight. They were disciplined and the difference would be perhaps a moment of inspiration. In the Brazilian side they had the team, the fans, and the stadium but not the security to win. In the supplementaries the adrenalin started to impulse the actions, the legs couldn’t more but the duty was heavier. In the last seconds several Brazilian hearts were about to stop when there was almost a Chilean goal. Ended the supplementaries and the emotions in turbo it was needed to go to penalties. Goalkeeper Júlio César was the Brazilian wall to the Chilean dreams…

Uruguay vs Colombia:

It was expected the psychic blow in Uruguay, it was unexpected the Colombian dominance.

First I’ve to say that I am a fan of the Uruguayan football, they are something like grandparents. They’ve a rich footballistic history, or rather a History. Yes, with capitals. You cannot talk about football without Uruguay. And I don’t like so much the Colombian team, not because their football, but for a mundane bad luck that I always have meet Colombian guys that are quite derogatory respect our country. Although I’ve to say that the Colombian girls are instead sweet and wonderful. Anyway, there wasn’t Luis “Dracula” Suárez and instead the coach Tabárez put to Forlan. Certainly a great star but unfortunately Forlan is not he star of yore so he was replaced and the team had a better performance but it was too late. But they fought and they following fought. Is that what makes you a giant. Football is the game where you kick a ball to the arch of the rival team, so you have two goals, pun intended, to get: win and win. Of course you can lose but you have to play to win and to like the football. In this World Cup you have seen skilled teams but they lose because in my humble opinion they don’t like or live the football, I refer for example to USA and Japan, great players and I can see in their hearts that they want to win, but I don’t feel they like the football, or no so much as their national sports as baseball or American football, I see more a question of patriotism. In other cases other teams lost because they didn’t want to win, case of Spain. But Uruguay lost in the face of a Colombia that played with skill, joy and heart. Uruguay in return has the skill and the heart but not the joy, they were stroke for the Suárez issue and I hate to say it but I think that would be better to save Forlan to the bank because he was totally connected. Still they are among my favourite teams ever.

Football: Argentina vs Nigeria, Germany vs USA, Ecuador vs France.

Hemorrhage of matches. The World Cup is not just in your tv home, it’s in the radios in the busses and taxis, the lcd in the restaurant, the old black and white televisions (FIFA regulate the uniforms in such a way that a match can easily seen in black and white screens) A nice detail when you have to go out to the diary routine.

Argentina vs Nigeria:

It was clear that with Messi out of the field Argentina was more enduring the time till the end more than attacking. Nigeria is a good player in World Cups and against Argentina did a entertained match but, you know, Messi is a genius. Fortunately they also have to Romero. I see the other Argentinian players professionals but not exceptionals. Without Messi I felt that a more lethal Nigerian attack could be closer.

Germany vs USA:

Two German coaches preparing tactic schemes to defeat the opposite as chess players. I’m not fan of the USA football style, but I like that they play to win. Germany is IMHO a solid candidate to be finalist and USA was a strong wall. In this kind of match usually the inspiration opens the road to the goals. It had more pepper because at the same time Portugal and Ghana were playing their destiny or, in this case, doom.

Ecuador vs France:

One word: bored. Ecuador needed to win but there was a tactic mess and the players seemed not very into the game. France has a uninspired game and although they get the classification this is the kind of match that is rare to see in World Cups, except in the last finals that curiously the games have weird behaviours.

Football: Uruguay v. Italia, Japan v. Colombia, and Brazil v. Cameroon

Several duels my friends! Some victories and some disappointments.

Uruguay v. Italia:

Two historic teams fighting to survive. I said you it was to be hot but not even me could have anticipated a match with attempted cannibalism haha. Italia had a tactic rather defensive, before the match they said that they were playing against the hot climate so I guess they were anticipating a match not very favorable. Indeed the Italian team played as if they had fewer players (they lost to Marchisio but anyway they seemed to have lost more). Godín get the goal in the second time putting a nail in the Italian coffin. Uruguay 1 – Italia 0. Italia tried to get the goal but they didn’t.  Even Suárez almost got it taking advantage of the goalkeeper Buffon outside his arch. Uruguay is still alive to build panic in Brazilian hearts. In another side the bite of Suárez that he tried to hide as a crash could have consequences. I hope not because in this cup there have had other strong actions but at the heat of the match. I mean, more dangerous is a kick in the legs that gets a yellow card.

Japan v. Colombia:

Japan has a constellation of good players but they have a fundamental error: they don’t enjoy the football. They were so worried to win that they couldn’t make goals. They ran faster, they had the balloon more time, they fought till the end even letting their field just with the goalkeeper, they had opportunities but they didn’t get the score except one time. Colombia seemed to almost losing the game and the Japanese goals seemed closer. But once Colombia get the goal they started to enjoy the match and in the end they put four goals in the Japanese webs. I think Japan had conditions to win the match and score several goals but that mental condition of anxiety ended to make them lose the cup. At beginning of second time it didn’t seem fair the score but when I saw the Colombian team enjoying the football I knew that they deserved to win. Japan can, best luck to the next world-cup.

Brazil v. Cameroon:

Time ago Pelé predicted the rise of African teams as players of world-cup in next cups. And actually they are tough rivals to defeat, but they’re not ready to win, mention apart to Egypt that is strong in the African cups but don’t classify to world cups. But this match proved that they’re still playing as minor teams. Don’t get me wrong, their players are very skilled but they lack discipline and do dumb things as don’t control temperament. The dumbest of them was when a Cameroonian defender pushed to the grass to Neymar, when he was out of the field and the ball lost… But I know what that means: usually players do that stupid actions when they are tired of the match and want to quit letting alone to their national team. So they try to make dumb fouls. Brazil was better than Cameroon but not so much better if Cameroon would be more disciplined to get the victory. Physically they endure all the match but mentally they lost it. Brazil just take advantage of the deficiencies rivals.

It’s just coming to an exciting cup because now there are just the ones that want to win.

Football: Argentina – Iran; Germany – Ghana

No llores por mi, Argentina. Today the albiceleste had a tense match versus the Iranian squad. It was so tough that if they wouldn’t be the Argentinean team you could easily think that they were a minor team. Without Messi and the heroic work of the goalkeeper Romero I doubt that Argentina could even tied. The Iranian team played well and they search, but didn’t find, the victory. Argentina won with a goal but it almost lost. I am not familiar with Iranian players, I would guessed that it was going to be a not very demanding match to the Argentinians but the truth have to be said: the Argentina of today is not the big Argentina from yesterday. Years ago there was the genius Maradona, but also cracks as Batistuta, Caniggia, Riquelme (although he couldn’t shine so much when he played), la brujita Verón, and a very long tradition of goalkeepers (now I just can think in Goycochea) so good that even some of them played for another national teams. Instead the Argentina of these world-cup is not of giants; is a professional team, don’t have any doubts, but it’s pretty obvious that there is distance to previous teams. But, the football is about to score, not about to play nice, and Argentina sometimes have started horribly and ended victorious. This could happen again.

Germany is another team that I love to see play the football. They’ve a style pretty defined. You know, you see the game and you can see that those are Germans. Nevertheless the previous match between Ghana and USA proved that Ghana has skilled players and an analytic team manager that knows to build a strategy against their rivals. They were very matched and the score reflect that in my opinion. Miroslav Klose not just get a goal but a decisive moment to avoid a defeat.

In this world-cup I consider the traditional teams from Europe and South America are having troubles with teams of exotic, in the world of football I mean, origin, with styles that besides skill with force and endurance they can break the forecasts. The exception to this rule is Japan. I am also worried that so many teams means teams with low-level allowed to the competition and reduce the physical response to the last finalists. I’d prefer much more fewer squads to a better world-cup, but I could be wrong so I’ll wait till the end of the cup.

Football: Sweden – France

Hi homies! Did you see the match Sweden versus France? If you didn’t so don’t read because here comes the spoilers! haha.

The French army went with the order to kill or kill so they killed the Sweden team and did a lot of goals without anesthesia, five legals, almost two more that doesn’t get the Sweden rivals and they were so hungry that in the last second they send a lethal missil that wasn’t validated, if it had been half a second before we could be talking a more bulky score.

The Sweden team fought in the end so at least could get two goals, what a pity that they couldn’t do from the beginning, well, no problem, there was no victory today to Sweden but still they’ve gorgeous girls in home to solace them ;)

I was specting a French victory but not one so easy. Sweden had at seems a problem of reality and played as if they weren’t worried in get the next stage. Fortunately in the last minutes they proved that doesn’t mind if you are losing you have to play with everything. But football is a game of will and France still wanted more. In the next stage we will see if France still want.

Now I am seeing the match Ecuador versus History Channel, uh no, they say that that “H” in their chest is for Honduras…

Football: England – Uruguay

If you saw the match between England and Uruguay so probably you did it with the heart in the hand. It was a great match, with a deserved triumph with two excellent goals by Suarez.

Now… Uruguay is a strong team in South America, usually is pretty sure that they are going to classify to every World Cup, even they won the previous world cup in Brazil… against Brazil… You can bet your ba… er, your bag, that the Brazilians fans would feel much better if Uruguay would lost the match. Suarez was a heroe but not a lonely heroe, the team played very well and as always the defense was solid. Usually in the South American scale Argentina and Brazil are the first candidates but Uruguay is another favourite. The next match with Italia is going to be quite HOT!

But… What the heck happened to England? Its league is great, they have figures of world-class but their national team is an inarticulated team, it’s pretty evident that individually every player in the national team played well but as a team they weren’t the promise that their league would had anticipated. At least this world cup the English goalkeeper did a better work. I almost thought that the players were from rival teams. And the one goal seemed a despaired goal, almost casual. Better luck to England next time but in my humble opinion I don’t see opportunities to these  world cup.

Football: Australia(3)-Netherlands(2), Spain(0)-Chile(2)

Australia – Netherlands (3-2)

This match was a tough task to Netherlands. After a match with a Spain that didn’t get to work as a team the orange team probably didn’t expect a rival with an organized tactic to match them. Australia could have equalled or even won the match but they doubt, and even worse they tried to cheat to get penalty kicks. If you do that and get the goal so you are a heroe, but if you fail you are just a mere cheater. It was the last lost australian goal and Netherlands didn’t pardon them: they didn’t doubt and do the goal. You have to be a god in the match. You can fail or you can win but never doubt, after the match one can be humble but not in the game.

Spain – Chile (0-2)

Spain,  spain… They were ghosts, they lost before the match in spirit. There were times where even they lied in the field like statues. I think they never worked as a team, Chile instead played as ever: pretty organized, cold blood to win and don’t lose the head with two goals ahead. An important note is about the Spaniard goalkeeper, I have no doubts that the captain encapsule the aspect of the team: unsecure, making distracted mistakes.


Netherlands and Chile are going to compare forces. I think it’s going to be a match with maximum two goals. In part because both are more relaxed to classify to the next stage but also they have a long history in world cups so there is no exotic elements as in the australian style or a problem of moral as in the Spaniard team.

Football: Brazil, Mexico, USA, Ghana

Hi mates, we are again in another World Cup. If you’ve played football when child then you know what I’m talking about: magic. Time when doesn’t matter if your country is a developed nation or one from the third world, even doesn’t matter if your country isn’t in the cup; doesn’t matter religion or politics, it’s just eleven persons against another eleven ones, they fight and they can change the history in just the time you hold the breath. It’s just when you live mythological ages again, and again Hector and Achilles, except that this time is fair and there is no chance that Achilles is going to receive divine help: it’s man against man, the last defense and the ultimate attack. The goal that came with passion and despair, or the madness that inspire a genius tactic or a skilled feint.

Although these last cups I have seen with deception the finals, they seem weird as… unnatural. Now I’m starting to feel a bit suspicious about the referees in the Brazil matches. I don’t know if they are blander because they are locals but certainly I end comparing those referees with the ones from the WWE, where there is a script… Mexico played very well and was a tough rival. I miss the old Brazilian team, that where there was magic and rhythm, this new Brazil started to shape in my opinion when Dunga was the chosen DT. He himself played in a more technical way if I remember well. USA is now a very good team, although I noticed that their coach seems more a baseball coach than a football coach. I mean, everybody is with a correct suit except the USA coach that is with cap and all. That make me think that the football in USA is still a secondary sport in that country where there is a lot of sports. Seeing the match against Ghana I believed that they were going to lose because Ghana has skilled players, and they played well but this is football. You can play nice, ugly, clean or nasty but what matter is the triumph.