Football: Argentina vs Switzerland and Belgium vs USA

Just a few words.

Argentina vs Switzerland:

A game pretty decent; well played, entertained and tactically well thought. Again Argentina was saved by Messy and Romero. Of course the team played well but Switzerland was a wall and to break it Argentina needed the unexpected, this time again in the shape of Messi to serve a pass across the backs to the feet of Angel di María. Very entertained.

Belgium vs USA:

I didn’t like the first ninety minutes. USA played badly those times, as if they could think that it was a common match. But in supplementaries Belgium did a goal, and USA changed to be the same tiger as always: brave, faster, motivated. In response Belgium choose that time to get another goal, but USA proving its class still fought and did a goal. Nevertheless USA was quite closer to get another goal, but football is not the game of “almost” but the game of “goal” and Belgium fought too.