delicate born of you and me

delicate borning of me and you

Hi honey, thanks for being my life ^-^ You are the sunrise I never expected to see in my night, this universe is meant just for us  :3

I spend the night dressing the stars with your name, and the day daydreaming with you. A heart haunted by the image of your eyes and your smile. Wishing a life of days writing together tales of us: a pirate and his moon; listening the music you create with your movements in the air, the dance of an angel with wings made with black roses.

My thoughts and my dreams blend sweet and softly in you, nicol-chan. ~w~


Hola amor, gracias por ser mi vida ^-^ Eres el amanecer que nunca creí que aparecería en mi noche, este universo está hecho para los dos. :3

Paso la noche vistiendo estrellas con tu nombre, y el día soñándote despierto. Un corazón hechizado con la imagen de tu sonrisa y tus ojos. Deseando una vida escribiendo juntos cuentos sobre nosotros: un pirata y su amada Luna; escuchando la música que creas con tus movimientos aéreos, la danza de un ángel con alas hechas de rosas negras.

Mis pensamientos y sueños se mezclan dulce y suavemente en ti, nicol-chan. ~w~

Sculptures in green

sculptures in green

This is the main plaza in Puno city. The trees are always pruned in certain shapes. Some are birds and some others I don’t know. I understand it’s quite hard to shape a tree. In little cities I used to climb the trees, Puno was a kind of unicorn due to the city hall’s watchers, and well, now it would be quite hard to climb without being taken to jail XD