Vacas pardas

vacas pardas


I was travelling between the cities of Juliaca and Puno and I saw these brown cows, okay, brown with white. I think that was the first time I saw ones of those variety. I took the photograph from the moving bus, I’d love to just ambling around the highway. But in this country were nobody does anything without a functional reason I think (as it happened before) I would draw the attention. People with faces like this ————-> :O and me with a face like this ————–>xD

Mark the chickens

mark the chickens

Peruvian election means an attack of advertisements. Political parties use any space in order to get votes. It’s curious to find them in the countryside where they use the whole facade of homes. xP

Durante las elecciones en Perú hay bastante publicidad electoral. Los partidos usan cada rincón disponible para publicitarse. Me parece raro el cómo lo hacen en el campo, donde usan fachadas enteras de las casas. xD

Seed of a new city

Seed of a new city

There is a place outside Arequipa city where a new city, probably for farmers, is growing. It’s a slowly being bigger and ordered; it is in the desert and in the afternoon a big shadow covers it. The mountain far away in the center is the volcano Misti.

I think in it as a baby city, getting bigger with the time… I use to wonder every time I travel if in few time it’s going to have cars, skyscrapers, planes, crowds and the noise of big cities and if I would say I knew it when it was a baby city.