In Home

in home

Adobe homes with ichu roofs. I’d love to live there, the only downside are the bathrooms, there are quite simple and to me that’s the most important part to live healthy. I can live without electric light (I’ve lived without electric light at the light of candles) but water and a good bathroom is essential to forget that life can be tough sometimes.


A place online to purchase Marumi filters from a kind friend in ebay

This photograph was possible to my polarizer, an excellent Marumi DHG Super polarizer, it laughed about dust or rain and with a microfiber it was easy to wipe any sporadic dirt. Sadly I learned that I’m not still a careful person so I lost it in my last travel with a pair more of filters. Fortunately a few days ago I received the replacement: a Marumi Exus circular polarizer, I did some tests with it and it’s astonishing, there is almost no loss of light, I cannot notice the use of the filter in the exposure but I have to careful see the rendering of reflections, that means that in dawn or dusk the camera is going to work, when using the polarizer, without the need to turn up the iso or using the widest aperture.

I’m glad to say a big thanks to the seller with the best prices in Marumi filters: Milen from Bulgary, he sent me that filter and other more to my home in Peru with responsibility and quite comfortable prices, as a disclaimer it’s just my experience as somebody that has to buy from internet because it seems there is nothing in my country, it’s not a sponsored post XD. Besides I think if you read this across a google search you’re searching Marumi filters at good prices, or if you’re a visitor friend then I’m glad to share with you my experience about sellers you can trust in ebay.

You can find to Milen here: milenius.valchev Thanks!




Medusa was a lady with an extraordinary hair. I always thought that the drawings and paints about her had an energetic presence and when kid she was one of my favorite characters in the movie Clash of Titans. Reading Wikipedia I see she’s classified like a monster and I always believed she was rather a victim.

A long shadow

a long shadow

These days I prefer mysteries instead of explanations. There is a shadow that starts to get bigger. I have always these moments in which I prefer to just don’t hear nor see. To rest. I hope to travel the next week and besides to take some photographs. Actually that’s my main reason to take photographs: to get a moment alone with me, something like an introspective meditation.

The Art of Adobe

the art of adobe


Yes, it’s a wall, a wall among thousand similar in Perú. But also is a symbol and a message.

That way is a constructive system created before the Spaniards invasion, and although in those times the art of construction has better technic and science (the earthquakes wipe everything except the old buildings, the rain reduce to dust the adobe except the old ones, the time eat every human signal except the old palaces) we still have our architectonic traditions.

The idea is pretty simple: A wall has a rock foundation, this foundation support the visible wall and this wall has a top. This top is built with triangles, the most stable architectonic shape. A triangle is a symbol of imperishable will, it allow to gain ventilation if it’s in an interior, it’s related too to the sacred triangles if it’s in buildings, it’s symmetric and can create a feel of care and civilization.

It seems rustic because it’s but in palaces is fine too. In the old times the expression was important and rustic or delicate it has to convey the idea of the designer. Not in vain architects had a distinctive symbol in their clothes to be known as ones.

The message is We are here and we are still we.

Seat down and feel free to see ;-)

The World Without You

the world without you


Midday mostly means you in the traffic, in a hurry to go to eat, trying to finish a work, the sound and the fury of the city that knows that it’s the little time for a noisy break. The world without you, I mean, the world outside your world is like to travel across the time, a slower world, with its own fights but so different to our cell phone or internet fights.


a lady and the nfinite

a lady and the infinite


Some night a colleague called me. Apparently he needed to travel to Cotahuasi Canyon, to an obscure city called Huaynacotas to take some measures from a project but the journey last fifteen hours and to come back it’s needed at least two days. So he offered me to go with everything paid. I said oki doki so I took a bus to a city I’ve never heard before.

A road half ended, a super violent movie, and several hours after I arrived to the capital city, Cotahuasi, and I had to wait one hour more before another bus took me to Huaynacotas. There are buses just very early before the sunrise and in the afternoon to take the last buses to Arequipa from Cotahuasi. So I was prepared to stay between one or even five days.

But the mayor wasn’t in town (he was a day of distance in car) so I hadn’t nobody to take me to the distant places to measure. I went to the city hall to study the documents and used the few hours before go to the buses to take some photographs. I am not tourist, nor photographer, but I think there are some things that shouldn’t be forgotten, so I share some of them.

The morning was cold, but with the course of the day there was a sunny day.

arch in blue

arch in blue



Every town has moved from it’s original place, this is because the mess Spaniards caused when they invaded the Empire. The original place was probably in the ruins upside, it’s in the red top:

red ruins and blue gate

red ruins facing the blue gate

a typical day in the church

a typical day under the church

clouds as sheeps

flock of clouds

let's talk

let’s talk

just a tree

tree preparing to colonize

arequipa avenue

Arequipa Avenue


free the colors!

don't forget me

don’t forget me

fashion red

Fashion Red



I noticed a tendency in women dresses to use red or fuchsia tones. In Perú you can guess the precedence of a women from the colors or designs they have in their vestment. Of course that doesn’t apply to Peruvian western women because with their clothing you cannot guess their city but their shopping center ; – )



midday in midgarden

Midday in Midgarden



sylvester and fiery

sylvester and fiery

door essential

door essential

garden from dreams

Garden from dreams

breeze b


last wall from forbidden palace

erosion by blue

A polarizer it’s indispensable for everything that has light reflected as leaves, and with the harsh midday light it can be the difference between a shot that represent what we see against a chaos of white glints. But I reduced the intense blue it give to the atmosphere because that’s very dark compared with the natural midday blue.





fire in the highlands

dancers in the top of the burning hill

bitter fruits

Bitter fruits

flower constellation

Flower Constellation

As eternal proof to the person who sent me that I was there and not in an Arequipa hotel with alcohol, drugs and girls I took a selfie with my original hat from La Paz ;-), although I’d carried my light hat to hot weather because the temperature was a bit oppressive, this because it’s just to 2700 meters above the sea level (my own city is a thousand meters higher), and the day before I cut my cheek with the razor blade so I guess I arrived to Huaynacotas made a completely mess, lol.

the hat


old road

old road



the high parliament of trees

High Parliament of Trees

serene march

Serene march

sinuous path

Sinuous path

rain is coming to the fields

Hungry ground for clouds

let's work the infinite

let’s work the infinite

come in don't be shy

Cyclop with Chinese hat

the world is a temple

red lips of Snow White

red walker in a sunny day

red walker in a sunny day

That was Huaynacotas, a place were women love red in their clothes, the houses are made of adobe, where there is a red watcher that speaks of ancient times, where everyday you see mountains, forests, roads that need days to go to anywhere and where your life is longer because one day there is like a week in a big city. It would be nice to be more time to understand it better. I’m aymara and found another from my kin there, a gentle woman that came from a city near my own city; Huaynacotas is actually a quechua town so in a certain way it’s like travel to a familiar realm but with those little differences that for be so similar are at the same time so big. I found kind people, I hope they are doing well.

You can’t play



Near the Cotahuasi Canyon (one of the deepest on the planet) there are little cities. This is a piece from one called Huaynacotas.

The time is slow and the distances can be measured by days. There is no much to do so you can do a lot of things. I took a great amount of photographs (and I always shoot the minimum, just what I don’t want to forget) in just a few hours. I couldn’t be there much time because to be one hour more would meant to be a day more. A day I didn’t, well, it was for a work, fortunately my work is my pleasure too ;).

Later, in twenty hours maybe, I’ll post a longer post about Huaynacotas.