Toothless smile

toothless smile

A morning in the capital of Bolivia. I wonder how many people know this city, to me it is quite famous but it seems more people know more about the Mexican city of the same name, I unknown everything about it except its name.

This hole… this empty space among several ages, the Republican building, the modern one, the (probably) colonial and in the background the poor blocks in the hills, from the window of the hotel seemed a kind of messy smile in the morning. It was cold so I went back to bed, hehe now you know why there aren’t so many sunrises here xD.

Make it light

make it light


I love flares. They give an appearance of science fiction and happiness to things. My life when kid was in an old adobe house with rationed electricity so naturally I always was attracted by computers, metallic instruments and artificial lights. I loved the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie, the plot and the photography and the flares. I didn’t see the original TV show (I saw the next generation with Patrick Stewart) but sure know I’m much more familiar with the characters.

The photograph was taken from the second floor of a fast food restaurant in La Paz, people was seeing a match of the Bolivian national team, perhaps they guessed my foreign origin when I preferred to sit instead in a place to see the city through a dirty window. Of course I couldn’t let pass those flares ;-)

Moon Valley – La Paz

paradise found

Paradise found.

This is a changing landscape, every rain modify it bit by bit sculpting new shapes in clay. It’s in the South of the Bolivian capital and its name according to Wikipedia was given by the famous Neil Armstrong who, always quoting Wikipedia, in one visit said that that topography was similar to the Moon surface. If that’s true, and everything is possible, surely he was referring to the topography of the imaginary Moon in the old tales when our satellite was populated with its own creatures.

I went some day to La Paz and as an app in my cell phone alert me of moonrise in broad day I thought it would be nice to be in Moon Valley.

summoning of the moon

Summoning of the Moon

yellow gift

yellow gift

I took public transport but what I didn’t know is that it was closed! LOL. So these pictures are from the street :S, anyway the place is quite beautiful so I got, even outside, great views.

don't pass lilliputs mountains

Don’t pass: Lilliput’s mountains

There are some similarities with towers of gothic cathedrals, what is not weird because Gothic style has great influence of shapes found in nature.

high point of view

high point of view

red blood

red cubic blood



Moon Valley is in the sector of Mallasa in La Paz city. The altitude is 3299 m.a.s.l. (10 823 feet of altitude) for you it could be cold but to me it’s hot. The cost of entry is two bucks if I’m not wrong, I went before once (but I hadn’t camera) so I remember, this time I had a camera (but I went too late XD) You felt a bit like a Gulliver in Lilliput.

flying to other realm

Flying to other realm

green pray

green pray

green hair

Green hair



quiet afternoon

quiet afternoon

See the photograph above these lines. This is the route towards Moon Valley, as you can see there are similar structures in the hills, perhaps at least twenty times taller than the ones in Moon Valley. One wonders if wouldn’t be better to walk to those hills (don’t do it if you don’t know the place) instead to go to a little place. IMHO “Moon Park” would be a more adequate name. But it’s nice to visit indeed.

However, I got to go to Moon Valley when there was Moon in the sky so that’s definitively a win in my book ;-)

clay poem for a white moon

clay poem for a white moon