Sutil luz



Sometimes I know I am dreaming, but I pretend that I don’t know it. Then I start to float, then to levitate and finally to fly, enough slow to don’t wake up, enough slow to taste the moment.

I evoked that seeing the photograph I took that dusk, I reduced the aperture until get a subtle and continuous light.

Bridge Between Zephyrs



There is a book by Sabato, “Abaddón el exterminador” or the translated version “The angel of Darkness” where the main character is emerging from a dark underworld, populated by creatures related to us but so different that lives and dies with their own laws and motivations. But then he get to emerge to ground, meanwhile he is ascending he can hear the sounds of the constant Buenos Aires’s rumor that in their unending road insinuate the distant lights and the myriads and myriads of people.

A city as Buenos Aires would be, more than a machine, an organism so complex that it would be an inscrutable, almost magic, place to any creature, even if it emerges from an unknown and secret underworld.

About the eternal and the ethereal



In photography I like to try new things, I like to try the clichés to after avoid them. Although I guess I am committing a lot of photographic clichés. I don’t know, I have no much photographic books and I am not totally familiarized with the big names of this art. But I am learning something new everyday so I hope to be more and more in the water.

This photo could be a natural landscape but the highway was near so I wanted to mix a urban type of photo with landscape. Fortunately the night covered me against the car driver’s incredulous stares. I mean, Is it so hard to believe that someone is walking alone in middle of the nature? Is that or I’m so skinny that probably more than a walker I seem a ghost, lol.

I liked the composition so I took just two or three pictures more and after that I walked two and half hours to the near town of Imata and… well, that is a story for another day.




In one page from an infinite book Borges wrote that when young he preferred the sunset more than the sunrises; but when he grow older the sunrises, with the promise of the beginning of a new life, more life, were preferable to the former.

I am not sure of that division: I always preferred dawns even when I like the sunsets and I adore the night. I had a happy childhood, indeed every child is happy even in the worst contexts, but two specific conditions made me appreciate the sunrises: the latitude near the Ecuador in the highlands in the proximities of the Titicaca Lake and the eighty’s terrorists; the first condition means that the sunsets are at 5:30pm or 6:15 pm so the sunsets are earlier than other places (although perhaps is that the hour is set with the reference of the distant coast so the difference is totally noticeable) and the second condition means that the terrorist attacks let us without electric energy, so after the sunset there was a short period with candles and finally to sleep. That was pretty normal in those years and to me and the other children in the city that was part of the life, we played, laughed, and everything a child can do in those circumstances. Actually even today I enjoy periods, let’s say a month or two in the year, without light, music nor sounds.

So, although I was sleeping deep, the dawn has a significance of more time to play, and to see curious creatures, read encyclopedias, tales and to hunt cats (there were some feral kittens that I wanted to get as pets, but they were so fast!)