Lord of the dressed dogs

Lord of the dressed dogs

I was taking a picture of the Pacific Ocean and suddenly a little dog got close to me barking and running. I saw upwards and there was this gentleman with dogs, every one of them dressed. At first I thought perhaps he was hired to watch them but the trust of the dogs on him makes me think that he’s the owner. I climbed the stairs and took a picture, they all seemed abstracted into the twilight landscape.

The photo was taken weeks ago when we were in winter and you, if you live in the Northern hemisphere, in summer. Coming from a place where always is cold to me the coast is quite hot even in winter so always I was surprised to see the people with jackets and even the dogs with clothes!

Oceans of blue, Oceans of stars

so many stars

so many stars

Yesterday I wrote about the stars in my city. Juliaca is at 3824 meters above sea level (12,549 ft.) and usually the sky is almost transparent. It’s so high than some tourists can suffer the thinner atmosphere with less oxygen. We evolved to this having bigger lungs and a higher account of red blood cells, so our cheeks are usually red. We know this thanks to the studies the famous dr. Huxley made in XIX century and that were commented by his friend, Darwin (I read it in his book The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex) When I am in the sea there are no stars so I like to live around the sea, to have an infinite to see.

dreamy twilight in the port

dreamy twilight in the port

And this is the sea I like to see in the coast, I remember to have seen just a few stars a very few times.

Our society in the highlands, despite the high altitude, always had a tradition of sailors until today. So for example in the market they ask you to add some ingredients of the highland because we eat a bit different from the men of the coast. But that’s story for another post.

Let’s see the stars traveling the sky

Let's see the stars traveling the sky

Once I saw a terror movie, Warlock, a man from the middle ages in this time hunting a kind of wizard, in one scene the sky get full stars. I didn’t understand the extraordinary because that was our normal nocturnal sky; my older brother said me because in those cities, usually in the coast, they cannot see the stars. Every time I live in a coastal city I always see the sky and it’s quite oppressive to cannot see the stars I know should be there, as living in a kind of sphere. The sky in the photograph has a middle number of stars, in my home in the highlands the night seems to explode so as Bowman I want to say “It’s full of stars” XP.



The horizontal windows of the brick building, make me think in the comic character Cyclops, from X-Men… it’s in the houses in the neighborhood in Juliaca. We live near the Apu (sacred hill) Huaynarroque.

This was shot with a Fujifilm X-E1 and a Fujinon XF 35mm 1.4R I bought to my younger brother, he like so much velvia colors so I thought it would be a nice camera for him, but (he is in Buenos Aires) told me that he didn’t use so much the camera and today I knew that his camera was stolen with other things in the car of a friend of him… I feel grateful that it was just stolen and he wasn’t there to be harmed or attacked. When kid I used to feel afraid to receive things because I usually ended breaking them and consequently there was a rain of words of disappointment, of course I believe in take care of things, my camera, cell phone, and laptop are enduring years because I’m careful, but I don’t believe that things should be more important than ourselves, if we miss a tool then we have to get another, learn from the experience and move on. For that reason I don’t care about that camera, and I’m more interested about my brother and his safety, perhaps unconsciously he didn’t want the camera so I’m going to search another better for him.

I think is a nice moment to post a review of that camera ;-)