Soft Silk Suede

soft silk suede


If you have an iPhone, an android or a Windows Phone (or all three, Why not?) and besides you have a camera (in fact if you have any of them you already have a camera) a moon app is pretty basic.

You can know when the moon is going to be full and if it is going to appears in the day, or if it is going to be a new moon or a black moon to shoot stars clearer or without the blue moonlight.

I prefer to shoot it in the day, it’s easier to see its details without disappear the context.




I had old comics and science fiction tales that spoke of a certain future where we would be travelling to the space with the same difficulty than one take a plane to go to another city.

I read them in the eighties and those years the terrorism had almost destroyed the country, in some way the state was concentrate just to parts of the capital city, so we, frontier’s people, lived in an anarchy, with no much tv, and when we had tv we hadn’t electric energy lol. Thus, although those stories were wrote in sixties to my childhood they feel enough futuristic.

So I tend to think these years, with a mini-computer in my pocket with touch screen and portable tv; a laptop where I can write (I don’t use a noisy typewriter anymore) and design buildings with complex systems; and cameras that can follow my fantasies where a film camera would be something so expensive to shot just 36 exposures; and well, so many things, we are not yet in Mars nor travelling to Alpha Centauri in an intergalactic bus to see the cousins on weekend, but anyway I am still thinking these times not as the present but the future.

Fortunately the predictions about fashion were wrong!!, I prefer a plain t-shirt, a pair of mocs and a simple and classic jeans to a plastic costume with colorful boots (but I could use a cape:D)

PostData: I took the photograph between the cities of Moquegua and Ilo, the phenomenon of mist coming from the sea is called camanchaca.