Intersection of Moon and Volcano




This photograph was meant to be posted the Monday but I noticed it was another volcano, not the Misti, instead one called Pichu Pichu. So in honor of truth I decided to post it another day.


Iba a postear esta fotografía el lunes pero me percaté que este era otro volcán, no el Misti, sino uno llamado Pichu Pichu. Así que en aras de la verdad decidé publicarlo otro día.

M&M – Misti and moon

orbiting a godforgotten planet

orbiting a god-forgotten planet…

Well, another Monday in the new world. There is a volcano with a pure shape called Misti. It’s a triangle, the Moon is a circle.

Today I want to show a register of a circle and its bond to a triangle. : )

moon volcano and afternoon

Moon, Volcano and afternoon

eye in the sky

Eye in the sky (published before)



Every time the moon appears is like it had an invisible bond or tie to the volcano. I adore when the shapes are pure, is like we could choose messages with capitals letters… a direct message without additional ornaments except its own beauty.


White moon

Mooney blue

mooney blue

If I would have to say why I love the moon

She is one and unique in the universe.

I love her when she is in the sky.

I miss her when she is not there.

I love her when she is full of light.

I love her when she is in shadow.

In a field of billions of stars

The sky is filled just by you.


Si tuviera que decir por qué amo la Luna

Sólo hay una como ella en el universo.

La amo cuando está en el cielo.

La extraño cuando no está ahí.

La amo cuando está plena de luz.

La amo cuando está en sombras.

En un campo de miriadas de estrellas

Mi cielo está ocupado sólo por ti a.n.c.z.

Falling in middle of a forest

falling in middle of a forest

Write in the moon a sweet irony…

An errant planet navigating the night

With light of a far Sun.

I met in middle December a young lady, a special friend (the first line is based in her words). Sometimes you don’t know who is going to find you, (◕‿‿◕。) She uses several nicks, as nicol-chan, cottón candy chibi, lil’ lady panda, in any case she is one of the persons that gave me happiness to have met in the 2015 (/^▽^)/


Escribe en la Luna, dulce ironía…

Un planeta errante navegando la noche

Con cálida luz de un Sol distante.

Conocí a una señorita en diciembre, una amiga especial para mi (la primera línea son sus palabras). A veces no sabes a quién vas a encontrar, (◕‿‿◕。) Ella usa bastantes nicks, algunos como nicol-chan, algodoncito de azúcar chibi, chica pandita, en cualquier caso es una de las personas que me ha dado tanta felicidad de conocer en el 2015 (/^▽^)/




Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about the movie D:

Before WordPress, a life before it actually, I used avatars with photographs of myself, but my life was threatened so I had to adapt and change. One of the first things was to eradicate every data that could lead to me so I deleted my avatars. Nevertheless I needed another one, I didn’t want a blank space so in question of seconds (I still needed to erase a lot of data) I searched one of my photographs and cropped it in square.

I opted for this, What is it? just an unfocused moon. I like so much minimalism and a circle inside a square seemed to fit me. A field of a black space surrounding an undetermined sphere with potential to change in the future to any form, because in my mind change is also one necessity, I cannot be stuck in just one thing.

Said that I send my apologies to the writers/painters/poets/photographers/ explorers of the body/explorers of world/explorers of mind/friends that could notice I’m not visiting them like before. Is not a lack of interest, is my reader betraying me and hiding so many persons I follow. I just follow one dear person by memory, but besides her I rely in the reader that every time seems to have more glitches. Well, I guess is time to evolve and use another system.

Take care.