Silence in lines

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lines in red

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lines in blue

A cultural obsession of us the cultures in the south of the former Inca empire is the search of entities with two sides or symmetries in them. Every body has a masculine and feminine principle implicit, every body has a connection with the sky and the sea with the earth. So to me these two photographs, shot in the same city at day and night, in blue and red, seeing the natural and the artificial are a kind of one photograph of the same subject.

This were shot just a few days ago while I was working in Ilo city, stolen moments after dinner and launch. I liked the peaceful calm in both, so to me that silence with different shapes was what drew my attention.

Doggy welcome

doggy welcome

That’s a little dog in my room in Juliaca. I slept there for years. When you travel is inevitable to think in the little objects of your room, certain corners, the particular way the shadows and light cross the habitation from day to night and the way street lights render shadows… the texture of the carpet with your naked feet, some dreams…

The spectacular death of a brief Giant of Fire

map of an island called atlantis at the moment of being devoured by the fury of volcans in a black sea

Map of an Island called Atlantis at the moment of being devoured by the fury of volcans in a black sea

In part building castles in the air is an art. Of course castles in this context doesn’t mean a building of stone with kings and princess but a structure made with reed designed to contain the armature of fireworks. It’s a Peruvian tradition but I don’t remember see it in TV in another country. It’s used for middle size celebrations, usually neighborhood anniversaries. A way to remember the creation of a group destroying with fire a figure.

Building a giant to conquest the world

Building a giant to conquest the world

The art of destroying castles with fire requires skill and imagination from the master at charge. It’s assembly the same day of the celebration because it’s in the public street, so I guess it’s mildly legal and more something authorized by tradition. As it’s a celebration food, beer and a priest is important. I don’t follow any religion and I dislike beer since kid so I just go to see the castles. Every year it’s chosen a different family from the neighborhood to hire the master of castles to the next year. This castle is in a little block of Arequipa city.

Abstract and natural

Abstract and natural

As you can see above they’re not simple creatures. The spectacle has to last at least near half an hour so it requires several levels, a little theatre of lights with different colors exploding one after the other.

Goldie in fire

Gold in fire

The spectacle starts, the master choose first a rain of gold (that last should sound good but sadly means another thing too xD)

Electrical language

electrical language

The colors starts to fire the song of an electric angel, turning into silhouettes to the assistants.

Smog and Fire

smog and fire

Like a slow breathing before a new fireworks show the giant have a little pause. The silhouettes are humans again for a while.

Look at me! Are you not entertained?!

Look at me! Are you not entertained?!

Now the fireworks yell intense colors in his body of six hearts.

Feathers of phoenix

Feathers of phoenix

Always the fire shine more when its final is closer. There is a jewel in the night and as a sunset it’s going to be unrepeatable (so I’ll take some pics :P)

Zeus unbounded

Zeus unbounded

A last robe of white color. so in that way the spectacle ends. But the party continues so the fireworks are send to the sky to explode in roses of several colors, messengers lost in the night.

Night's Spirit flying to the borders of the space

Spirit flying to the borders of the space

But the beer is going to last until the next midday and even after that the body says (perhaps) enough.


Trois couleurs

A street of fire

A street of fire

A street with fire of a celebration. The light comes from a structure with fireworks called “the castle,” it works this way: when a neighborhood has an anniversary there is a family chosen to be a kind of godfathers and finance a castle and music with food.

Usually those parties end with a lot of beer, and I dislike so much the beer xP, for that I just see them when they fire the castle.

Make it light

make it light


I love flares. They give an appearance of science fiction and happiness to things. My life when kid was in an old adobe house with rationed electricity so naturally I always was attracted by computers, metallic instruments and artificial lights. I loved the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie, the plot and the photography and the flares. I didn’t see the original TV show (I saw the next generation with Patrick Stewart) but sure know I’m much more familiar with the characters.

The photograph was taken from the second floor of a fast food restaurant in La Paz, people was seeing a match of the Bolivian national team, perhaps they guessed my foreign origin when I preferred to sit instead in a place to see the city through a dirty window. Of course I couldn’t let pass those flares ;-)