In the Pelican hood

In the Pelican Hood

This gang doesn’t accept a no for answer.

I just have drank a lot of beers and there is a table moving funny XD if you have questions I can answer you. haha no! drunk or not I alwas try to be honest ;-) Today was the finish of a concrete slab and the tradition says to share it with the workers. Otherwise it would be a way to dispise them.

Sea of serenity



I took this photograph in Ilo city, not bracketing, just wait the moment. Although the Olympus SP-500uz is a bridge camera with 10x zoom I had to crop to get the proportion I wanted. Today I was shooting with the Canon EF (film camera) and two prime lenses. The time I had to spend to change lenses was argument enough to convince me again of my love for zoom lenses, and much better if they are fixed to the camera ;-)