Centuries flying…

centuries flying

I am still working in another city in a place without wifi, I hope you can understand if I don’t reply quickly :S

There was a comic I loved to read since kid, it was about Flash competing against Superman traveling the time with a machine functioning according to the speed to run; the person running was forward in the time but not in the space (at least not in the square meter he/she was running) so the landscape was changing… For that reason I love the contrasts, the crystal building appearing in middle of that colonial church handmade with stones.

Juliaca’s green solar

Juliaca's green solar

Juliaca is in the Andean Plateau. There, at 3825 mt. or 12 549 ft. of altitude, the green grass is quite expensive. So the grass in the solar to the church in the plaza is like an exception, our grass is the one called ichu and beyond spring it’s yellow (I like ichu by the way)

I went just once to that church, because it was an obligation for an activity in school, despite my protests that I’m not Catholic and just accepted when they assure me that they wouldn’t be angry for don’t make their rituals. It was quite dark and I thought in the movie Highlander, the fight in a stone tower at night where Ramírez is killed by the Kurgan. The exterior gardens are happier in my opinion.