Running across the mystery of a blind life

running across the mystery of a blind life

I think, I believe, some of the most perfect fables I’ve ever read are from Kafka. One of them, brief and complete as a new and fine silver ring, is about a mouse running across convergent walls; as a sort of big and heavy trap bigger than the existence and substance of every being on the world. Just running without meaning because life is just like that…

It sounds threatening. I don’t want to ruin it telling with my words the argument of so beautiful text, I’ll just say that the revelation in it sounds like the things we secretly know are an intimate truth.




I’m architect. The feelings that I try to convey with my ideas (that I’ll publish in a near future) is something similar to this wall made in the seventieth century if my calculations are not wrong. It is just something direct, without adorns. Every element responds precisely to a question and the result is not just and answer but also a mystery that give birth to new questions that makes us richer.

There is a red wall. In this wall there is a door to enter, a window to receive natural light (both small because the need to do wide walls), a lantern to have light to the walkers at night, a gargoyle to the rains, and a bench to rest calm and quietly. But architecture is a service to human beings. Without them, as in this case, it’s not architecture, is more like a catalogue of architectural shapes. It needs the person to enters that door, to opens that window, to seats down in that bench.

About the photograph it’s one of my first post-processing I think almost three years ago, but the style is the same I have till today, I try that my photographs have an aspect similar to my architectonic drawings, where every line is “in focus” and the tridimensionality is given by the arrangement of the elements in the drawing. I never studied photography, if I had I’m sure I had a different photography, better I guess, but then again it would be more a job and I wouldn’t enjoy it so much.