Noon: a lantern write with its language of shadows in the wall: it wants to compete with the young men of the night before.


I don’t see many news, I think there is an obsession with the bad ones and so few of the good ones, because there is goodness in the world too. I think in the people of Brussels and Istanbul.

I have chosen to don’t forget, as it happened to me when child, that there are also solidarity and support even in war; that always we will find a way to be happy, doesn’t matter what people, who needs help for his behaviour, try to do to dirt the heart, it’s just in our nature to pay with compassion to ourselves. That’s what we do in my years as children and we got to survive in a better world. I trust that is going to happen there in the far and dear Europe.

Mooney blue

mooney blue

If I would have to say why I love the moon

She is one and unique in the universe.

I love her when she is in the sky.

I miss her when she is not there.

I love her when she is full of light.

I love her when she is in shadow.

In a field of billions of stars

The sky is filled just by you.


Si tuviera que decir por qué amo la Luna

Sólo hay una como ella en el universo.

La amo cuando está en el cielo.

La extraño cuando no está ahí.

La amo cuando está plena de luz.

La amo cuando está en sombras.

En un campo de miriadas de estrellas

Mi cielo está ocupado sólo por ti a.n.c.z.

Before the fury

before the fury

Before the fury of the night…

It’s in Imata at 3930 meters of altitude (12 893 ft). The night has claws of ice biting your flesh, if you know the nature and respect it then you know that you have to walk faster before the darkness…

But also there is a poetic beauty in crossing the highlands in the dark knowing that every step is a fight to live.