Net trap set by a memories hunter

Net trap set by a memories hunter

(From the diary of unnamed Hunter)

“Telepathy was lost when their ancestors developed oral language; future prediction when they buried and traded dreams for organized religions and ideologies, too. But those just were signals, oppose to centuries common beliefs, that civilization advances had masked an underlying collective mind. Sadly for them time and demographic growth proved that human race had just hide their true nature inside with disguises and hopes.

“Journalist History marks the breakdown of the collective mind with the increasing numbers on population able to sleep but unable to dream; shortly after the decreasing of individuals able of artistic creations and scientific thought. One generation later humanity had turned to the current mechanical race that live following basic conventions guided by the artificial minds that replaced computers, smartphones and every machine supposed to make the life easier, miniaturized into a tattoo shaped as a circle. The human answer was technology that saved and condemned the human race, at the cost to convert a soulless body into a walking corpse.

“The nature answer was our kin. Every one of us disconnected from the collective mind (now diffuse into billions and billions of beings) Some critic said that eradicating a big part that makes human beings in fact… humans, turn us into an inhuman race. We are free to dream and to produce a life with the meaning we chose. But the collective mind had knowledge from millions of years, we have to learn again the fear to spiders, to suspect the idea of a be part of a kind (thought by them as divinity), to experience the shared dream at nights that originated the fictional idea about coincidences, but were in fact secret dates and desires.

“To survive we are living our early Paleolithic stage of gatherers, reapers and hunters, toward our own civilization. Building our path predating the rags of memories from the collective human mind, squeezing the last drops from them. The last fishes from a dying sea. A humanity perhaps already lost.

“Sometimes I feel a rather uncomfortable feeling about humanity, but immediately I remember that I hunted that feeling some years ago from one human city, and that I ate it adding it to my consciousness. I had to choose approximately three thousand human subjects to (the next lines were omitted because its graphic and violent language). That makes me more human?

“The next stage is to synthetize the harvest for consume of every hunter.”