A bit of light

a bit of light

It would be nice a bit of peace… so I’ll close my eyes and I’ll let the world pass -_-


In another side of the information I’m playing with musical apps in my laptop and tablet composing rhythms using a system with the keyboard to bypass the musical notation that I ignore; but I couldn’t find one to get violin sounds, I went to my parents’ home in Juliaca to ask for the old violin but it shone by its absence. Anyway, when kid I played it and I remember it hadn’t a good sound so I’m searching in evilbay but it seems it’s a luxury instrument with specific requirements as wood dried at least thirty years. In any case I’ll wait for an app, perhaps a violin for somebody who doesn’t now how to play a real instrument is overkill.

Light Hunter

light hunter

A plastic bag dancing at the rhythm of the wind in Juliaca’s sky; shinning with an afternoon’s sun.

Makes me think in a movie, American Beauty, a part when a guy with a video camera confess to a girl that once he filmed a paper bag floating with the wind and that was the most beautiful thing he saw ever. Although I guess that was supposed to be deep because it looked like a dark thought I thought that instead was derp, LOL. The most beautiful thing (or being) he saw ever in my opinion was the face and eyes of the girl in front of him in that moment  Said that I prefer my bag, and I don’t mean to the girl but to his bag :P