Afternoon in the gas station

Afternoon in the gas station

There is something special about gas stations, they are nodes to stories: the couple taking a time to be alone in a faraway place: the truck driver one day more in the long route across our deserts, jungles, beaches and mountains; a person traveling to a place not knowing if he’s going to come back again.

An afternoon in the gas station.

The long wait

The long wait

I saw this lady in a small city while I was traveling to Ilo city in the coast, with eyes in a patient waiting. By the way the lady is working, I think measuring the time and frequency of busses I clarify this because she’s not in poverty, she’s a lady with clean clothes. It’s sad when photographers from our capital likes to shot ancient people and show them as homeless (and sometimes tourists as well :S) even worse: they exaggerate the wrinkles and the contrast to exploit a image of misery that didn’t exist in first place.

Late afternoon in the market


Late afternoon in the market

In Juliaca there are different types of market:

  • There are the new malls where people likes to buy and walk with their children, I don’t like them because you need to wait in long queues and even worse for your privacy cashiers ask for your ID or cards
  • There are the older markets as pictured in the photograph, this is called Santa Bárbara and I think it could be really ancient, I mean as several centuries long. In the highlands there aren’t fruits (remember we’re at more than 3800 meters/12000 feet) but the jungle is near so we eat fruits from the whole Peru and the jungle, the problem with these markets is that the sellers want you to be loyal to their stands and they can be a bit jealous if you buy from another person.
  • The last type is my favorite, usually it’s in fairs with peasants or people from smaller cities as sellers, they have the products over a textile in the ground and they are indifferent to you until you ask or buy. Until then you’re comfortably invisible.

Once I posted big and super red apples, I bought them from one fair, probably in the market they could have cost a lot.

Velocity of two realms

velocity of two realms

Arequipa city is in the Peruvian south, near the coast. A valley in the borders of the desert. For that reason when I’m there I try to go to the outside at night. The river is called Chili and I like to think in the traffic like another river running to the opposite direction.

Two realms although close never overlapping. Never touching each other.



Juliaca city is a city with a population of 250 000 hab. But still to go from one place to another you can take your time and walk calmly. When kid I used to walk the railway as the lady in the photograph, balancing like a circus performer, abstracted in myself. The time I lived in Lima city with its population of almost eight millions instead there was no time to slow down, the time was eaten ravenously by hours in seats of public transport. That’s the life in the big cities.

Magic morning in another planet

magic morning in another planet

Do you remember the last eclipse in 2014 year? well, yes or no this photograph is from that eclipse. The Moon looks quite unusual, more like a giant planet.

The photo is not very big because I cropped a lot; even with the most of the optical zoom I couldn’t get more closer, but that’s ok, it’s better to have a photograph to remember something lived than nothing at all.

Arequipa A – Volcanic rock upon the Valley

The color is in the people

white architecture for a colorful world

Arequipa is a city in the Peruvian southwest in a valley in the north of Atacama’s desert. It was relatively a new city founded during the Inca Empire. After that Spaniards came and change the name misspelling it to its actual shape. Probably meant originally their location related to Misti volcano. I believe it could be a signal that it was a city planned to the future so its name could mean more something like place of tomorrow.


There are three important mountains that are seen from the city: Chachani, Misti and Pichu Pichu. I climbed the last of them… but that’s a post for another day.

speaking to u

speaking to u (Chachani)

snow covering misti

snow covering Misti

wake up pichu pichu

wake up, Pichu Pichu


Volcanic rock

This is the most western city upon Peru, as native that means that I feel a bit foreigner in that city. I don’t understand the raison d’être about certain foods and traditions, but if you are from Europe I think you could feel this city closer to you. Mostly my friends there, just a few, are from the old families, mostly the population now has a great percentage of sons and daughters of newcomers and to prove their new identity can be a bit harsh with people from other cities. I went there because studies, if I would know about that characteristic I think I would chosen another city.

The city is built with white volcanic rock. In colonial times it was painted with a lot of happy colors but in twentieth century a mayor decided to let the city with white walls; what could be a terrible mistake because the Sun is strong. It’s the city with the second world strongest solar radiation after Cairo.


let me protect you, madame



Hacedor de sombras

hacedor de sombras

business meeting

business meeting

blue night

blue night

But there is a revival to recover colors:

Shades of Vermillion

shades of vermillion


two brothers

Red Paint under Blue Midday

Red Paint under Blue Midday



Among the merits Arequipa could shine in two: it’s probably the cleanest city in Peru, that because the people take care of the city; the second one is the cultural activity is powerful and there are artists and thinkers in several fields.

Upon the valley

Arequipa is a city whose economics are strongly linked to the agribusiness so the countryside is in the center of the city, omnipresent.

Infinite green for two friends

infinite green for two friends

Portrait of "spots"


Bow my branches to the sound of the water

bow my branches to the sound of the water


Chachani (ghost in the sunset)

And that would be all for today, hope you find something interesting ;-)



Time traveller

Time traveller


It’s strange, I took this photograph some months ago.The building is an old colonial residence for an aristocratic family since XVI century and remodeled to this shape in the XVIII century. But the lady walking is dressed like a person from the XVIII century, too; without public artificial lights and without cars, as if I would travelled across the time a bit, not completely but enough to feel like a rare peculiarity.