Memories of Primal Earth

Memories of Primal Earth

At least! Tomorrow I’m on my way to Ilo city, the place in the photo is in the heart of the city, Can you believe that a city has a sea in his center? So I’m traveling after an attack coordinated of virus to my system (a flu) and to my laptop (informatic) for work… meh!

I hope not more than two days. As usual I’ll schedule posts in advance ;-)

Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!” ;-)

Stone Circle of Dragons

Advancing to the sea before the long night

Advancing to the sea before the long night

old dragons breath ancient fire

their black skin blends with twilight silhouette

an ancient sea relieves hurt hot wings


They would love to fly, to raise! The sky is so far…

once lords they now wait red moonlight

a silent incantation of hope to break the spell

confining them to legends and myths


Drums of war are their hearts, lava for the last fight.

The worst wound a shame that burns:

be caged in rocks whom before were a proud kin

precisely them, a race of kings!


The caste of the Stone Circle of Dragons awaits

advancing before the long night…

to a promised redemption made of red moonlight

silently, slowly… into the old sea

Bearing up solar winds

Bearing solar winds

Ilo city… yesterday a customer called from there so tomorrow I’m travelling, it’s for work so probably I’m not going to have time to take some pictures, and we’re in winter so probably the sky is going to have that apathetic gray. in any case I’m going to schedule a pair of posts ahead ;-)

I liked this landscape from the shores of Pacific Ocean in Ilo because the sun seemed so strong that almost it seemed capable to move with its light the ship… it was in the last days of the summer in March…

In the heart of the city a wild sea

In the heart of the city a wild sea

I presented before a similar photograph, but this is actually a photograph stitched from two horizontal photographs, I took one for the sea and another for the sky, usually it’s recommended to take vertical photographs to stitch but the moving nature of the waves could have ended in an imperfect stitch.

Walking into the sea

Walking into the sea

I want to walk into the sea; sea foam vanishing me, making me forget that once I was man.

Things would be better if I could turn into a drop of salt water lost in the ocean.

I want to walk into the sea to be indifferent oblivion of a primitive world.

Revolutions across the Earth, an infinite sleep without dreams.

I want to walk into the sea to extinguish this painful blush.

Malecón Costero – Wild nature in the heart of Ilo city

Millions of years ago a warmer sea and a peaceful land

millions of years ago a warmer sea and a peaceful land

Malecón Costero is a place in the shores of Pacific Ocean in Ilo city, a southern city in the Peruvian coast. Actually this wild place is in the heart of the city and it’s an urban miracle. Usually in Peru every beautiful place is ruined by mayors with beasts of concrete destroying its natural beauty. Ilo’s economy relies in artisanal fishing and the refinery of a billionaire copper mine (Peru is one of the world’s first exporters of minerals, what says that we’re also dumb because after sell the resources we buy them again in the shape of electronic devices). The mine, Southern Peru, financed an urban project and one of my masters at university designed it. Thanks to him, Arch. Edgardo Ramírez Chirinos (RIP), the heart of the city is still a place quite beautiful and at the same time a testament that we can build without destroying.

This happened one month ago in the last days of summer.

Victory of the Sun

victory of the sun

I was there barely before the twilight. I used a reverse graduated filter to get the colors of sunset but at the same time get the ground illuminated as seen by my eyes.

Ilo's Magic Sun

Ilo’s magic sun

Gulliver ship catched by Lilliputian ones

Gulliver ship caught by Lilliputian ones

But it happened so fast. The sunset was more like a sun falling. So there was just a soft light and a last ship.

Searching a safe port

in search of a safe port

A primal world
The noise of waves crashing with sharp rocks in a primitive world

the noise of waves crashing with sharp rocks in a primitive world

Did you know that the ocean was much warmer millions of years ago? I had that impression, that the sea was hot like a soup, and the rocks of the shores seemed like expecting in any time the rise of walking primitive fishes. Even more it looks like I imagine our planet billions of years ago, life dancing in waves and in every song its movements becoming more and more complex.

Explorers of the sea

explorers of the sea

Six heads awaiting the return of their gods

six heads awaiting the return of their gods




Old rocks between the city and the old sea
giants closing their eyes

giants closing their eyes

In other city the mayor had exploded the rocks and put another statue of one of our military heroes, harming the memory of those heroes with that barbarian act. I think that’s a tradition of the old Spaniards that came and used the rivers as sewers and built giving the back of the houses to lakes and the ocean. Of course they are not related to the modern Spaniards that built marvels in the distant Spain in this age. Fortunately the architect followed our native traditions to build harmonizing with the nature, without destroying it but using it as a friend. What you see in these pictures is a kind of main plaza but with traditional pre-hispanic concepts.

Stone dragos dreaming wooden ships

Stone dragons dreaming wooden ships

I couldn’t avoid to think in Norwegian fjords with Vikings preparing to dominate the sea. Of course I know the reality is quite different, my evocation comes from child fantasies.

A star above the stone circle of edlers

a star above the stone circle of elders

A watcher, employed by the city hall, came in his bicycle and warned me that the place was dangerous at night because the junkies and they could steal my camera. I thanked him and while he was explaining me the danger I stole his wallet, lol. That last is a joke of course. I packed my camera and went to take a bus to Tacna city.

Fortress awaiting

fortress awaiting

When the night came I already was travelling to another place.

A glimpse to Puerto Inglés – Ilo city

A peaceful blue world

peaceful blue world

These photographs were shot one month ago in a beach in Ilo city, in the Southern coast of Peru. I know mostly the visitants to this space come from the northern hemisphere so when you was enjoying a cold winter here we had enjoying a hot summer, the last days before the autumn. Actually still the heat is a beat strong so this weekend I could get another day in the beach.

In English the name means “English Port” because that was the place where the ship of the most famous tourist ever in the history of Ilo landed: Sir Francis Drake, uh… Did I write tourist? I mean pirate, lol. But Fracis Drake didn’t harm the beach, but a few years ago a mayor do it introducing a lot of unneeded concrete in big buildings :S. Now another Francis, me, went to know the place and get a bit of sun and sea.

Living in the blue

living in the blue

I was there in the afternoon, robbing minutes to a travel that was not meant to there. Just because I wanted to go to the beach. You could find strange that but in Peru it seems that nobody does nothing for joy (not even the artists) but it’s needed a practical reason. What proves to me that science requires creativity and art because if only reason was needed then we had great scientists.

The happy port

the happy port

As you can see the beach is little, and enough deep to be like a natural pool, so there are few people (good!) because usually people goes to Pozo de Lisas (I posted about that beach before) which is fancier, with groups of music and bikini girls with model bodies. This beach instead is quieter and more popular, usually people goes with shirts and more to the beach, that’s a way you can recognize which beach is popular and which one is exclusive. But that doesn’t matter, in any of them people is happy the same.

Hot afternoon

hot afternoon

That was in top of a hill covering the little bay or port. In the North the beaches are tropical but in the South they’re in the desert. I took more pictures but not in digital but in film, so I’m scanning those. But I hope you can enjoy the place with the digital ones, the blues were quite amazing there.

Just an afternoon in Ilo

just an afternoon in Ilo

And a selfie I took me there. About the scars I’d love to say that as the pirate Francis they were due to combats but the truth is that the citizen Francis made it himself in an accident with water when babe. Actually that doesn’t bothers me, but bothers me is that I need more workout :’-( XD

In the end I think that little beach was the funniest I’ve been ever.