New York (a story)

new york a story

New York city was, is, a haunting motif to draw, to paint. I made paintings of New York since I was a kid. I guess is time to paint again.

Actually my passion to paint New York pictures is much bigger than my desire to visit it. Sure I’d like to go some day to there, but I’ve this esthetic feeling that not other city with skyscrapers awake in me, except, although not so strong, Chicago. It has a haunting charm and an elegance proportioned and classic. Except for a blonde girl someday I met online in those social networks before facebook that designed beautiful jewels, being herself a jewel of woman and my personal queen from there.

Once I read that New York city has the fortune to be open to the Hudson and the Ocean so it has a balance between the buildings that grow to the infinite sky but aren’t crowded among hills but to the vast sky. Could be, but I don’t feel the same with the images of other cities. Although there is one building I don’t like and it’s the UN building.

I drew it when I was studying architecture at university some six or seven years ago in the class of technical drawing. It was the last class so I asked to paint something I could enjoy because it was just a formalism to end the semester. The building seems to be the Rockefeller Center at 50’s but sadly I haven’t the photograph to search the photographer.

My favorite series about New York City are the art by Giger. Every painting and drawing has an spirit that I think match a bit my feeling about the images of New York.

A tiger… and blue shadows


I painted this tiger in the 97, when I was in high school. Actually the art teacher just sat in his desk and said us that we had to paint something whose word started with the “a”, the next class something with the “b” and so forth; so in the end I think he didn’t teach us nothing about art but yeah a lot about the alphabet LOL

You can bet that I preferred that way, the best education I could got was in my parent’s library, so I took advantage of the void to experiment by myself in painting. That tiger is based, if I’m not wrong in an encyclopedia’s photograph. Tigers and New York were my passion those years as motifs.

I didn’t want perfection but expression. For that reason I used strong, watery and incomplete brushes to the sky because I thought, and I think, that the white of the paper is also a color.

Blue shadows

When you paint you learn to observe details, and I think if you like photograph what I’m going to write could be useful to you: the shadows are not black, usually they seem to reflect the atmosphere so when you take a photograph in the shadow it seems to have a bluish tone. When cameras have auto white balance they try to compensate but I think that’s good when you are taking a portrait, but to the nature it can end as a photography not natural to what our mind have seen. Be careful.

The shadows can take nice blue tones, for example see this photograph:

meanwhile a shadow

meanwhile a shadow

I discovered it observing the shadows of products in the market and I decided to not use black in certain paintings, other times I’d suppress the brown, and things like that. Of course shadows change with the day, but I’d discover that in the future.

That was the reason I used a strong blue shadow in the tree.

Post-data: By the way the teacher put me a “20” upon my painting (grrr!) and before you send rotten tomatoes in Peru the score is from 0 to 20, not 0 to 100 ;-)