After the rage against the machine

after the rage against the machine


Travelling I noticed how native I am, how different from other cultures in Peru and much more from foreigners. Sometimes it’s interesting the difference, sometimes it’s unfortunate because the language can be different even with the same words.

In aymara and quechua culture our civilizations have one characteristic and it is the principle of correspondence. If someone do something for you then you should do something equivalent, not by obligation but because is a way to say without words that we appreciate what is done to us. It has a negative side, we tend to be violent because we also reciprocate when somebody makes us something bad. It’s a simplistic way to write it because it affects the shape of celebrations (always have to been two sides) and two is not a final number, is just part of a bigger system of symmetries like an organism.

In this case I’m posting a simple black and white image just because I need to balance the images in color I have published previously. Tomorrow to compensate I’ll post a complex tree, and after that I’ll focus in words more than images. Everything to don’t break a personal need of balance…

The title is meant to be humorous by the way, it is just a broken lock ;-)