The horizontal windows of the brick building, make me think in the comic character Cyclops, from X-Men… it’s in the houses in the neighborhood in Juliaca. We live near the Apu (sacred hill) Huaynarroque.

This was shot with a Fujifilm X-E1 and a Fujinon XF 35mm 1.4R I bought to my younger brother, he like so much velvia colors so I thought it would be a nice camera for him, but (he is in Buenos Aires) told me that he didn’t use so much the camera and today I knew that his camera was stolen with other things in the car of a friend of him… I feel grateful that it was just stolen and he wasn’t there to be harmed or attacked. When kid I used to feel afraid to receive things because I usually ended breaking them and consequently there was a rain of words of disappointment, of course I believe in take care of things, my camera, cell phone, and laptop are enduring years because I’m careful, but I don’t believe that things should be more important than ourselves, if we miss a tool then we have to get another, learn from the experience and move on. For that reason I don’t care about that camera, and I’m more interested about my brother and his safety, perhaps unconsciously he didn’t want the camera so I’m going to search another better for him.

I think is a nice moment to post a review of that camera ;-)

Morning Pride


morning pride

I said that today Wednesday I would post a photograph showing our ichu. Here in this part of the world still is Wednesday but in other parts it’s Thursday I think.

Instead of the green England pastures we’ve golden ones. They feed the llamas, alpacas, vicuñas and every native specie in needs of pastures, near the streams of water there are green grass but I’m not sure if is a native pasture. Ichu is also used to build roofs and bridges since thousands of years ago. The downside is that you have to renovate it every three or five years; the advantage is that every three or five years people of the block or town work together to renovate the ichu in homes in what always ends like a communal party.

I tried sometimes when child to run barefoot but its contact with the skin, or perhaps just my skin, is lightly irritant so I use at least socks. The ichu grows mainly in the Peruvian and Bolivian highlands.

Tree winning the race

The tree is winning

Inner tranquility to pass obstacles. Yesterday I had to save data in a CD for a customer and I was in a hurry, the young lady in a public cabin was nervous to do it fast but she erased the data. I just smiled her and said her that she should do it again calmer. She get to do it and I went to leave the data with the customer. I’m sure it would be needed more time if I had been nervous too.

Magic morning in another planet

magic morning in another planet

Do you remember the last eclipse in 2014 year? well, yes or no this photograph is from that eclipse. The Moon looks quite unusual, more like a giant planet.

The photo is not very big because I cropped a lot; even with the most of the optical zoom I couldn’t get more closer, but that’s ok, it’s better to have a photograph to remember something lived than nothing at all.