Passenger: Cocachacra

Subtle and imperfect mirror...

subtle and imperfect mirror…

In middle of the highway that links Arequipa city to Ilo city there is a place called Cocachacra. It’s closer to the sea and it’s a little city whose main activity is agriculture. I think I’ve never poot foot in the ground, as I seen from the car, and being the sea so close actually I am attracted more to the latter. This are photographs from a car in movement…

Frontiers in the countryside

frontiers in the countryside

The farmers were preparing the field for new crops… I don’t know if it’s the better way to do it, I mean… burning.

A road of flames

a road of flames

Lord of the fields

lord of the fields (published before)

Man at work

man at work

Painting the sky with white smoke

painting the sky with white smoke

Yellow happiness

yellow happiness

Textile countryside

textile countryside

Falling in middle of a forest

falling in middle of a forest

Write in the moon a sweet irony…

An errant planet navigating the night

With light of a far Sun.

I met in middle December a young lady, a special friend (the first line is based in her words). Sometimes you don’t know who is going to find you, (◕‿‿◕。) She uses several nicks, as nicol-chan, cottón candy chibi, lil’ lady panda, in any case she is one of the persons that gave me happiness to have met in the 2015 (/^▽^)/


Escribe en la Luna, dulce ironía…

Un planeta errante navegando la noche

Con cálida luz de un Sol distante.

Conocí a una señorita en diciembre, una amiga especial para mi (la primera línea son sus palabras). A veces no sabes a quién vas a encontrar, (◕‿‿◕。) Ella usa bastantes nicks, algunos como nicol-chan, algodoncito de azúcar chibi, chica pandita, en cualquier caso es una de las personas que me ha dado tanta felicidad de conocer en el 2015 (/^▽^)/

The old walls enduring another twilight

The old walls enduring another twilight

They are there… without a reason.  But they still endure. I was thinking in what happens when a person don’t have a reason in life, perhaps these old buildings have an answer. Perhaps beyond their reason to be they are a kind of memory or just an inertia of existence. Traveling across the time second by second.

A vast whiteness closing around the world

A vast whiteness closing around the world

Since I was a kid, four years old, I always have seen strange and little people in the countryside; as always I’m just playing and running and suddenly appears this little sir or lady, I start to talk but then just see with their old eyes. Curiously that just happened when I was alone. Since then I almost think that citizens and peasants live in different worlds, they cannot see us or perhaps we exist in an inevitable way like the early star at twilight of the cloud traveling lazily across the blue. And to us they are like persons always walking the infinite landscape, staring to who knows what, like they were three hundred years old and still had eight thousand years more to contemplate the slow life in middle of the domesticated nature.

The frontier were our worlds collide and we actually talk is the market.

Succa Aya – Memories from the countryside

long afternoon

long afternoon…

In quechua language Succa Aya means “Field of Sepultures”

The pre-Inca cemeteries are memories from the past, today it’s a district of Arequipa city and the name changed to Socabaya. Today I want to show you some views of these place ;-)

A road in middle of the fields
Tell me where can I go to

tell me where can I go to…


I had a customer there, so I needed to go several times to see his property. There is no many people walking the road, usually just the road… I walked several times those distances filled of farms, giant towers of high voltage and plenty of solitude, with that slow time until I decided to take the public transportation to my lair in that city. This is what I used to saw:

At day…
White ashlars

white ashlars

The white ashlar in Arequipa has volcanic origin, it is used from to delimit the farms to built palaces and banks, actually to cover them, in a seismic place is not good idea to have massive buildings.

Mathematical hill

mathematical hill

Try to cross

try to cross

Some trees…


This is Halloween, this is Halloween ♪♫

At the end the light

at the end the light

And some horses…

meditative houyhnhnm

Meditative Houyhnhnm (published before, shot with a defective film camera)

Head of horse

Head of horse

Before the night…
Another day ends in the green countryside

Another day ends in the green countryside

Socabaya or Succa Aya is relatively far from the center of the city, so to go there I needed at least one hour and half of travel for the price of, in equivalence, thirty cents of US dollars. So it was not infrequent to end in middle of the sunset, always hidden behind the hills. But it’s a quite calm place to walk, and there is no more the heat of the day…

Line of gold

Line of gold

2D Tower

2D Tower (published before)

Alone in the dusk the light starts its electrical song

Alone in the dusk the light starts its electrical song

The faraway lights

The faraway lights

Beyond the farms…

light my fire

light my fire

The district is bigger than the farms, there are places with houses of low and middle social-economic levels mixed with industries, so it’s not so peaceful as the farms habited by traditional families. They come usually from smaller cities and near is the penitentiary so it’s not so safe. In the public transport I’ve seen relatives of the inmates, sometimes they are dangerous too.


Cusqueña (published before, shot with a defective film camera)

Point of energy

Point of energy

So the landscape is a bit desolated, with stray dogs silently walking and warden dogs barking the strangers (what includes me); dust and a desert without vegetation being replaced constantly by a desert of bricks. But the sunset also comes to give a bit of color to this part of the city:

Colony in Mars

Colony in Mars


The day ends and the nocturnal life starts… But usually I was already in home given my report to my customer, but I got a pair of shots ;-)

Blue night

Blue night

Searching in the stars

Searching in the stars

Yanahuara – Main square of volcanic ashlar

ashlars arches tinted of orange morning painting the floor with shadows

ashlars arches tinted of orange morning painting the floor with shadows

After my travel to Ilo in exchange of a favor I had to verify data in return in the Yanahuara’s City Hall. It’s a district in Arequipa city. I don’t like so much the sun of the morning in the desert, nor to make bureaucratic requests. But I had to go there so I took some pics of the plaza in the morning.

council of palm trees judging red man

Council of palm trees judging red man

I imagine the high council condemned to the red man to a wooden jail. Yanahuara is a residential district whose history spans to pre-Hispanic times. National tourists like to get some photos in the Gazebo because it looks colonial but actually was made in the seventies XP

Energy in wood

energy in wood

Tables of light

tables of light

I saw a nice sculpture, but there is no reference to the sculptor. A search in internet doesn’t reveal nothing neither.

Under the crust

under the crust

Seeing the people run

seeing the people run

The artist made a great work in my opinion. There was a big tree next to the church so I shot it and also I get some details of the colonial, in this case indeed it’s from 1750, church San Juan Bautista.

a tower white and another green

a tower white and another green

Eternal tweens

eternal twins

Light touching the white stone

light touching the white stone

Volcanic fire

volcanic fire

tree praying to a blue temple

tree praying to a blue temple

A tree growing. It makes me think in Odin, a god sacrificing to himself…

Palm army prepared to conquest the world

palm army prepared to conquest the world

Sequence in vermillion

sequence in vermillion

And that was all. I went to fulfill a promise and everything finished well. Time to fly before the midday sun in the white blinding stone.

arrangement of colors and a closed door

arrangement of colors and a closed door

A little river in Schiarakates

The ending sunset

The ending sunset

Schiarakates (pronounced more or less she-are-ah-kah-thes) sounds a bit like Greek. It is supposedly in Pukina Arawak language, spoken once in the Andean Plateau of the lake Titicaca, but this place is in Arequipa, in the desert near the coast so it means it was created or ruled in one of the expansion of the old kingdoms from the lake. I don’t speak it, I think nobody speak it know, but it would mean “Hill of the Shimmering Heights.”

Now the place is miscalled Characato and that name has significance for the people born in Arequipa, they identify themselves with pride as Characatos. I went someday to prepare some documents for a customer and took my faithful camera to take some pics ;-)

The fields

two clouds running across the meadows

two clouds running across the meadow

If not...

if not…

Singer stream

Singer stream







In the frame a map of a world in black and white

in the frame a map of a world in black and white

The little river

I liked a lot the little stream with their vegetation and quietness. Although there was a bit of garbage what is strange because people from Arequipa uses to be quite clean in reference to public spaces. Also is truth that I saw more garbage near the highways and little streams always collect fallen objects.

Golden waterfall

Golden waterfall

The story of you with many like me

the story of you with many like me



Almost a kiss

almost a kiss

The afternoon in the countryside

the afternoon in the countryside

Little waterfall of scarlet hairs

little waterfall of scarlet hairs

threeshold to a world in darkness

Threeshold to a world in darkness (published previously)

A light that shines in the dark forest

A light that shines in the dark forest

Lost in the forest

lost in the forest

I'm a dark creature waiting in the dark side

I’m a dark creature waiting in the dark side

sunset in the empty field

sunset in the empty field

Don't dare to turn your back on me!

Don’t dare to turn your back on me!

Selfie of a shadow

selfie of a shadow

Final view

And that was all. At night dogs from the farms can be very territorial so I went back to the little city.

Sun descending to the kingdoms of the night

Sun descending to the kingdoms of the night

Trees – A (Dedicated to an olive tree climber)

come closer friend

come closer, friend

I’m afraid that there are not trees from the jungle but that’s nothing that a bit of time and money cannot solve (the hard part is to get the money XD) These trees are from the Andean Plateau and the valleys in the desert.

Four casual friends talk

four casual friends talk

I don't care I'm going to scape

I don’t care. I am scaping now!

isolated a


above the city a tree wants to be free

above the city a tree wants to be free

forest of succa aya

forest of Succa Aya

No time for rest

no time for rest

Now is time to grow up

now is time to grow up

I want to touch the sky

I want to touch the sky

three with tree fingers

three with tree fingers

let yourself go

let yourself go

serene march

serene march

hey cross what are you doing

hey, Cross! what are you doing?!

tired trees

tired trees

can you hear us

Can you hear us?!

Cúpula entrevista

cúpula entrevista




And that’s all for today, I hope you find one akin to your spirit ;-)