Art inside

art inside


I’d just want a hole in the wall so its art would be the changing sky.

I can dream designs of complex structures and shapes dressed in titanium flakes,

oriental arches with golden vaults and sultry textures of oriental splendor…

But instead I just want a hole to see the sky, and nothing, or nobody, more (-_-‘)

Literal piece of heaven

Literal piece of heaven

I love the twilight sky… it has tones from a warm purple blended gradually with a fresh blue. It has a certain silence, as if the day would holding the breath before the night; when the latter comes then again the life starts to breath again with the artificial lights turning on here and there.

Follow for Follow

There are a kind of bloggers I don’t understand, they just follow my blog and that’s all. They never appear again or make a comment or press the like button to prove they are there. But, I always review the visitors blogs; there was one in special I remember… he wrote about a cycle: he follows somebody and then this person follows him; this person click the like button and he do the same. He just followed me but never appeared, not every blogger likes comments so I am careful in that. I commented and told him that I follow somebody because I think it is interesting what he/she posts, I don’t do it for a follow; if I press the like button is because I liked it, not because I want a “like” in change, as I did with him despite he never came. Certainly I have not done efforts to make popular my blog. In the end it seemed that he was that kind of blogger that posts because needs popularity, not because he just feels the need to write, compose, draw, etcetera for an inner impulse. I unfollowed him. Those “follow for follow”… I don’t understand them. In the times this was a private Microsoft space I wrote just because, and I still do it.

Brushes (Portrait)



At last!  I was fighting against the internet to post the photograph of today. It’s so slow for some reason. :T

This is a portrait of the cat, the frame is not digital, is a black frame I made. The photograph was shot at twilight so the movement of the cat (they hardly stay still). I liked how it ended. :P


Grrr! Hoy el internet está terriblemente lento. *me agarro a cabezasos contra la pared* Este es un retrato del gato, el borde no es digital sino uno que yo hice a mano. ; )




I wasn’t sure to post this photograph, I mean, in great part the author is the keen observer that made the graffiti and had the same pareidolia. Of course I composed the image, and made the arrangement of elements… but anyway, in this case greetings and credits to the illegible creator of the graffiti as well.


No estaba seguro de publicar esta imagen. En cierta manera gran parte del espíritu lo dió el autor del grafiti con la compartida pareidolia. Desde luego yo compuse la image y ordené los elementos en la fotografía… y bueno, saludos y créditos para el ilegible autor también. : )

Cumbres de luz

cumbres de luz

Angels of light, floating almost transparent over distant mountains; an intense fire are the eyes of a lady, haunting them to be closer to a forbidden Earth.

Ángeles de luz, flotando casi transparentes sobre las lejanas montañas; sus ojos son atraídos por un fuego intenso en el corazón de una dama. Hechizados no pueden dejar de volar sobre la prohíbida Tierra.