Falling in middle of a forest

falling in middle of a forest

Write in the moon a sweet irony…

An errant planet navigating the night

With light of a far Sun.

I met in middle December a young lady, a special friend (the first line is based in her words). Sometimes you don’t know who is going to find you, (◕‿‿◕。) She uses several nicks, as nicol-chan, cottón candy chibi, lil’ lady panda, in any case she is one of the persons that gave me happiness to have met in the 2015 (/^▽^)/


Escribe en la Luna, dulce ironía…

Un planeta errante navegando la noche

Con cálida luz de un Sol distante.

Conocí a una señorita en diciembre, una amiga especial para mi (la primera línea son sus palabras). A veces no sabes a quién vas a encontrar, (◕‿‿◕。) Ella usa bastantes nicks, algunos como nicol-chan, algodoncito de azúcar chibi, chica pandita, en cualquier caso es una de las personas que me ha dado tanta felicidad de conocer en el 2015 (/^▽^)/

Lost in blue

Lost in blue

I used to wonder if I could travel the life knowing everything, not just to be the passenger of an evanescent dream.

The truth is we are shoot like an arrow towards an almost set destiny and destination without neither hideouts nor stops.

Maybe would be better just to close the eyes and just to dream and just to forget we crossed the mirage of an infinite turquoise.

Towards the end of the solitary flight the only companion is a flickering shadow, fragile and ignorant of its own irreality.




Yesterday there was no post… I was the whole day in a construction and at the end of the day it was a celebration with cigarettes and beer. I don’t like neither, but it was needed because the tradition in Peru and Bolivia to celebrate with the workers the finishing of a roof. Anyway, better to post know with a clear mind than one with booze.