Built to chase the sunrise

built to chase the sunrise

Intersection of sunrise and building. I thought in that moment that it looked a bit cinematographic. Now I notice that perhaps I was trying to remember the Tyrell building in which is probably my favorite film ever, Blade Runner. At the beginning when the sun is precisely reaching the bold architecture of Tyrell Corporation.

Of course is just a far evocation. Something like think in a diamond when you see a shine in a grain of sand in the concrete.

6 thoughts on “Built to chase the sunrise

  1. Blade runner is also my all time favourite film, I have a few copies of it from video tape through to blu-ray, I love the music in it, so haunting. You know that a sequel is being made starting in 2016, and Harrison Ford will be Deckard once again, I’m not so sure it’s a good idea but no doubt I will see it. I love the sci-fi sunrise, great silhouettes.

    1. When kid in 80’s I remember that TV version was the one with the happy end flying across the forests, and in my laptop I see more the director’s cut. I hope that the sequel is going to be a worthy one, it’s rumored that Ridley Scott is not going to direct it and perhaps that would be good considering the awful comedy he made as prequel for Alien: “Prometheus”
      Thanks kind lady :-)

  2. Oh to see the world through your eyes! I like the “diamond in the concrete” metaphor :)

  3. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Blade Runner, my all star favorite science fiction film is based on Dick’s mind blowing novel. For me Rutger Hauer is the most impressive character of the film. The neo-noir dystopian colors and the sound track by Vangelis are awesome. I have watched the film countless times. Thanks for the post, Francis. I think tonight is Blade Runner night.

    I’ve… seen things you people wouldn’t believe… Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those… moments… will be lost in time, like [chokes up] tears… in… rain. Time… to die…

    1. Vangelis is a genius. Al least they announced the official soundtrack release (usually I taste the Esper edition) I need to feed me with Blade Runner again!

      Although I love to read science fiction I didn’t red that novel. I always thought that I could feel a bit disappointed comparing it to the giant world of the film.

      Those words in that tone with the rain and the urban atmosphere is sad and epic. I’d love to see it in cine.

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