Tablet vs APS-C Camera

steps color blood

Steps color blood (Samsung Galaxy Tab P7500)

Twilight of blue, white and red

Twilight of blue, white and red (Sony R1, aps-c camera)

As I wrote the past week these comparisons are not meant to declare winners, they aren’t technical images but curiosity about the difference among the use of different cameras. If something I’ve learned is that the best is to just use one camera.

I like both images, but the first from the tablet required more edition to match what I saw with my eyes because the colors were dull, the white balance quite warm and the sky a bit washed out. There is one minute of difference between these photographs.

Which one is more closer to reality? The one with the old Sony R1. The sky had that blue, the light in the wall was soft and not harsh as the tablet version could suggest. Despite that I think the tablet version ended quite expressive.

Which one is more convenient to use? In this case the tablet was easier to use. The Sony needed a tripod (it has a bad high iso response) with little freedom to shoot. The tablet was just point and shoot. I know there is noise but I don’t see nothing wrong or bad in that.

10 thoughts on “Tablet vs APS-C Camera

  1. I like the red tone to the stairs in the photo taken with the tablet, but you’re right, the sky is washed out and the white wall has too much of a warm balance. In the Sony R1 photo, the colors are much cooler, but this offers a stronger contrast between the wall, the sky, and the stairs.
    I’m beginning to dislike the automatic setting on my camera because it allows too much light and the colors in the photo get whitewashed. (I’m not sure how to say this in technical terms :P) I think that most of the phone, tablet cameras have this sort of “feature” so that they can operate without a flash.
    There’s also an interesting spacial arrangement to both compositions…were you falling down the stairs when you took the photos? Ouch!

    1. I’m an amateur, but if I’m not wrong the professionals say “clipped highlights” when parts of the image are just an empty white. In part is because the sensors in tablets and cell phones are so tiny they cannot register every tone of the light or shadow we see with our eyes.
      I’m lazy so both photographs didn’t need an effort for my back XD, the Sony R1 has an screen that can be rotated in every posture and the tablet I was just at a side of the stair standing up seeing to upside.
      In any case I think if someone is not going to sell the photographs then there is no much importance in getting the last Acme camera. Just enjoy what you have, learn its limitations and compensate. Sometimes I’d like to go back to the times when I didn’t know about photography and it was just turn on the camera and shot.

      1. Hey – I’m still there, my friend! I know that I can usually fiddle with the buttons and dials on my camera to get the photo that I want. I just don’t know all the technical words for it :P I know what you’re talking about, though. Photography is a hobby that gets more and more expensive as you get into it. I try not to think too much about all of the extra doo-dads that can go on my camera, although today I was taking photos of the Quito skyline and I wished I had something that would filter out the light haze that was hanging over the city. It wasn’t a lot of haze, but just enough to reflect light…causing white wash.
        I’ll just have to find some other photo to tell the story of my trip to Quito :)

      2. Quito, oh, precisely that is the city where lives the girl that makes me write sad poems, lol.
        A graduated filter could help, it’s half dark and half clear. But not, in this case I know your goal is to explore and know other cultures, not photography that is a medium to communicate with us your readers :-)
        Good luck Melissa, I hope you find that special photo ;-)

      3. I didn’t mean to stir up any sad thoughts :( But hey! – there’s at least one lady in Quito who thinks you’re awesome ;) Thanks for the tip and have a great weekend.

      4. Don’t worry, the sad thoughts were since a time ago. Instead I’m happy because in Quito there are two ladies I appreciate ;-)
        These days I’m just waiting with patience. I know surely sooner or later will come the time to speak with her, until then in my mind she just cannot or doesn’t want to talk now and I’ve to respect its situation/decision.
        Thanks for the compliment Melissa (>^_^)> Happy weekend, I know I’ll love to know Quito with your point of view.

    1. I like it more too. The second was dependent of the tripod and the first instead was just with my hands holding the tablet at desire. Thanks for say which one you liked and why, I truly appreciate it :-)

  2. I like the rose tones in the first one, and the blue sky in the second. I try not to do comparison shots in case I like the one from the ‘lesser’ camera better. :)

    1. I took these pics just for fun, actually I don’t take photography seriously, so I don’t care much about noise, calibrated screens or profiling lenses, even more I don’t call my images photographs but pics. I know you enjoy to photograph (and I enjoy to see your work) but at the same time I know you are much more careful than me regarding image quality (and composition too), the only thing I know is that I don’t see if you shot with your Nikon, Fuji or iPhone I enjoy your photographs all the same. Thanks kind lady :-)

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