15 thoughts on “Last stand of the day

    1. Keen observation! Yes, it’s the same building. It’s near the place I live in some periods of the year. I love that window because sometimes the sun match the frame from my point of view. My interest mainly is in the sky and the building is a kind of frame; the same building but in different years and days. Thanks!^_^

    1. Thanks James, the Fujifilm X-E1 was nice to get them, I don’t have anymore that camera but at least I’ve some nice photographs from it.

    1. Then we are two missing our Fujis ^_^ Now that I think it there is a big number of photographers I follow here that shot with them, they are quite enjoyable, but I choose the convenience of my zoom camera. Of course when I see your photographs I never wonder which camera but I focus in the stories you tell with them.

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