(The tittle is of course a reference to Gulliver’s Travels by Swift)

It took me a few days but I got to move thousands of photographs from my Smugmug account to Flickr. Smugmug is a nice and capable service but my resources are these times a bit more limited so I was worried to get in problems in the future and have a blog full of white boxes instead of photographs. So, being here or not, the photographs are going to stay.

To me it’s more comfortable to have my photographs in an online storage service because this way I don’t fill my storage limit in WordPress, for example with thousands of posts I just occupy approximately 17 megabytes of 3000 megabytes allowed to my free account because the photographs here are more links to previously Smugmug and now Flickr, otherwise my photographs use to weight between 5 to 15 megabytes so in less of a year I would be reached my limit. Besides I saw that my photographs are reproduced with high quality from Flick so it’s actually quite good. My thanks to Smugmug service. If you reader would ask if one is better than the other I’d say that Smugmug is nicer to arrange and customize your galleries, excellent support and it seems safer to protect your photographs; Flickr is nicer to have more exposure and it’s free, sometimes that alone can weight a lot when you aren’t a professional photographer, just a guy with a camera.

The other task was to replace the photographs uploaded to Smugmug account in WordPress (I’ve almost finished it) with the same photographs but uploaded to Flickr so you are not going to notice a change ;-)

Little person seeing the infinite

Perhaps you cannot see it in this size, always you can click it to see the image bigger, but there is the silhouette of a person in the window, in the point of the landscape. Perhaps a human-shadow, perhaps me in the past :P It’s precisely in the centre of that big eye, Can you see it? the circle of the sun would be the pupil, its light the iris and the clouds the eyelashes.

But also could be truth that that person is actually seeing me.

A dock in lake Titicaca – Puno bay

Peaceful blue

Despite the location of Puno city is just half an hour by bus from Juliaca city I haven’t many chances to go to there. And when I go to there I take advantage to take a bus to other cities where the lake is cleaner. Nevertheless I had to transact a document and they said me I had to wait four hours, so as the time was reduced I choose to walk just in the bay, the furthest I could from the centre because the contamination issue.

It happened a morning of May.

The road

Echoes of Babylon

I prefer to feel the road with my legs, even when riding horses I feel like I would be seeing the places in third person. The first I noticed was this bull like the ones in the gates of Babylon. I saw a viscacha that didn’t escape from me so I guess it’s used to the people.

Fearless viscacha

muscles as rocks

José Antonio Hotel – the dock

Two clouds dance above the Titicaca

There was no hurry so I just keep walking until I saw a dock, it hadn’t doors nor was closed but it was clearly obvious that it was private property; usually the public spaces in Puno city suffer from bad governments and not so good professionals so they don’t fulfill any rule of proportion, scale, beauty nor harmony with the lake; but in this case the dock was perfectly integrated and was quite beautiful to see and walk. Crossing the road I saw a hotel and asked to the staff if I could pass to the dock. To my surprise they allowed me so I was there just a few minutes. I don’t know how is inside the José Antonio Hotel but certainly the staff is very kind. I didn’t say that the photos would end in my blog so that makes their gesture one very valuable to me.

I hope you can see in the photographs something of the beauty I saw with my eyes B-)

A cloud caught in its reflection

Mathematical repetition

A distant star in the lake

A deck and some clouds

Virtual space inside the infinite blue

Patterns in the surface

Echoes in the lake

Blue quietness

White eye seeing the landscape

There is something poetic in the waters of this lake. Actually it’s the remain of a sea, in the morning its waters are tranquil with the totora growing up slowly and green but in the afternoon it has a nature similar to an storm, always cold in Puno bay.

Subtle fingers

And that was all. I just was there no more than a few minutes but I took the photos with calm, I try to mirror the quietness I have when I walk alone.

Flowing in blue

Doggy thoughts

I think it’s perhaps a stray dog, but who knows, it could be an old dog used as guardian or something. In Peru the cities are full of stray dogs, if some alien from another solar system would came then would think that cities are built for both dogs and humans, but it would need a study to determinate which specie is more intelligent :P

Two skies

This is a nice place in Puno city, it’s a dock owned by José Antonio hotel. The staff was kind to allow me to see the landscape there despite to be just a pedestrian. I didn’t say that I publish my photographs so they did it wholeheartedly.

As usual in Tuesday I’ll publish a longer post with more pics ;-)