Centuries flying…

I am still working in another city in a place without wifi, I hope you can understand if I don’t reply quickly :S

There was a comic I loved to read since kid, it was about Flash competing against Superman traveling the time with a machine functioning according to the speed to run; the person running was forward in the time but not in the space (at least not in the square meter he/she was running) so the landscape was changing… For that reason I love the contrasts, the crystal building appearing in middle of that colonial church handmade with stones.

Curva del diablo

“Curva del diablo” means “Devil’s curve in the road” (precisely the red sign with white letters in the center of the photograph)and is a place, near Puno city in the highway that connects it with Juliaca city, called thus because there were (are?) so many vehicular accidents; hence adults prefer to don’t take responsibility and instead blame a hypothetical being that if exists I guess has better things to do than helps tired/drunk/negligent drivers to rest in the bottom of the road.

Fortunately these years there are fewer of those accidents; so I guess people these years is giving thanks to the devil for that fortune xD

Camanchaca’s frontier

Peace in blue and sand

Camanchaca, the sea fog that covers from the Chilean North coast to the Peruvian South coast, is said that comes from the Aymara word for obscurity. Could be but I don’t find much sense in it, because sure it reduces the visibility but is far from be obscurity. The light is diffuse, not inexistent.

In the photograph the camanchaca is far away, seen in middle of the road that connects Moquegua city close to the highlands with Ilo city in the coast. I wonder if I could walk in the desert, even in winter it has to be a feat to me because I’m not used to the humidity; besides the desert with its vast surfaces is the ideal place for the Air Force so always there is the danger of military equipment there.

Bearing up solar winds

Ilo city… yesterday a customer called from there so tomorrow I’m travelling, it’s for work so probably I’m not going to have time to take some pictures, and we’re in winter so probably the sky is going to have that apathetic gray. in any case I’m going to schedule a pair of posts ahead ;-)

I liked this landscape from the shores of Pacific Ocean in Ilo because the sun seemed so strong that almost it seemed capable to move with its light the ship… it was in the last days of the summer in March…