34 thoughts on “Texture of a moment

      1. Oh, as I have said elsewhere, we really have only one season… Summer.. and then it has a sub-season, the monsoons hahaha.. and then when it rains, it pours.. except, this time, it did not .. almost like a famine here when that happens. Peculiar weather this year..

      2. haha, eternal summer, my home is the eternal winter. This year the “el niño” stream is affecting the Peruvian coast, it happens more or less every decade and is said to affect the world, perhaps in part it is.

      3. Yes, here too.. the El Nino this time.. the la nina actually caused more rainfall previously.. but this time, it is pretty poor and erratic rainfall..

      4. In my country there is a lot of people that is going to take economical advantage of it (in the bad way) I hope it’s not the same there.

      5. It is… even when we have a bumper production of food crops, there is hoarding, creating an artificial shortage.. and then the prices shoot up. If it is in a good monsoon, then they prefer to export their produce and leave us with real shortages.. really stupid, no balance in how things work here.. if it is good, it is bad, if it is bad, it is still bad haha

      6. Same story here… for that I think twice before give any help, usually the people that ask for it is precisely the one that doesn’t need it.

      1. Oh, that sounds like a lot of rain, it’s romantic anyway, with those old remains of your culture. I remember more cloudy images in your portfolio but not many with rain…

  1. I’m guessing this is another photo from Juliaca :) Are you missing the warmer temperatures of summer, and the green that comes along with them?
    Green is actually my favorite color, so when winter finally descends on Kansas, I’ll have to come back to this photo for a lovely green reminder.

    1. Actually this is from Arequipa :-) I think in Peru seasons have not much meaning, always there is a place with summer, winter or spring; but I think we don’t have an autumn…
      Now I know a bit more about you ^_^, my favorite color is blue. This photograph is going to wait for you in your winter, dear Melissa ☺

      1. I’ll happily revisit it :)
        Or maybe I’ll jump on an airplane back to Peru for a visit.

      2. Are you kidding? I’m crazy-excited to return for another visit. But if you’re not up for it please let me know :)

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