19 thoughts on “hehe ;-)

      1. Suma urukiya, Francis. I always see faces in clouds and it fascinated me to see a face in the water :-)
        Now we had the bad, the next should be the ugly ;-)
        Heartly wishes,

      2. Suma urukiya, Ulli ^_^ That would be great! I’d love to got to Clint Eastwood the start the series :D
        Pareidolia is a very extended phenomenon, not only in reference to our planet but also in Mars as the sphinx proves :-)
        Wishing you a great weekend,

      3. … and I still like the soundtrack of Ennio Morricone …
        You’re right, pareidolia is a very extended phenomenom because of our brain doesn’t accept nothing to see – phenomenal :-)
        And seen the the sphinx on Mars is the proof there is life on Mars ;-)
        Have a great weekend, too

    1. Oh, I hope lack of sleep due to long parties of Hollywood proportions with booze, meat, and the VIP people of UK and not boring work :S
      It seems some of us have a level of pareidolia enough to see faces but others not…
      Thank you for coming, missing u, Gin :-) Wish you a nice rest.

  1. I don’t really see Captain Howdy. I actually see a profile of a grim looking character who has a smoking cigar balanced on the lower lip of his massive, protruding jaw.
    Hahahaha! Freud would have something to say about that :)
    I hope that your week is going much better than mine.

    1. Captain Howdy is the name a demon used at first to get close to the little girl in the movie “The Exorcist” although it’s a famous movie is probably that you haven’t see it, so to say it in short the figure that in an instance looked to me almost funny it has also a kind of evilness trying to flow and using the smile to seduce as Captain Howdy. When Captain Howdy is not needed the true face of the demon appears.
      A great case of pareidolia indeed ))))

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