Views of Chachani

once in the eternity

Once in the eternity

Chachani in Aymara language means valiant, brave… It’s an active volcano near Arequipa city in the Peruvian south. It’s located at 1,963 m (6,440 ft) above the sea level and its height (measuring from base to top)  is 6,057 m (19,872 ft) But those six kilometers are  easy to climb, I would make it but I prefer rocky mountains. It’s not the tallest volcano in the region but it’s nice to see, specially at afternoon.

Closer to him
distant giant

distant giant

This is what you would see from the desert in the morning, if you’re coming from Lima city.

path to the white peaks

path to the white peaks

When you see the ichu (the yellow grass) is signal that you are quite close to Arequipa city.

there is no road just a will

there is no road, just a will


And if you distant traveler come from  the highlands this is your view of the Chachani, it has a dry beauty and a cold hug.



A piece of nature

a piece of nature

Soft intensity

soft intensity



The hour of the colored clouds

the hour of the colored clouds

velo de misterio

velo de misterio

cloud I

Cloud I

soft cold

soft, cold… (published before)




These photographs are longer pictures.


Chachani at dawn

Chachani at dawn

a cloud crossing the morning

a cloud crossing the morning



pure sky upon the afternoon light

Pure sky after the afternoon

until to touch the firmament

till to touch the firmament

And that’s all. If I have so many photographs is because the Chachani is always there so close to the city and the roads, it says you where you are and how much it takes to go to your destiny.

a red world behind them

a red world behind them

36 thoughts on “Views of Chachani

  1. Awesome!!! I love all the views of Chachani, but the first photo is my favorite. Perhaps peeking at it through the clouds best displays its ruggedness.
    Thank you for compiling and sharing them :)

      1. I lost my old cat friend time ago and sadness was (is?) my mate for so many time…years. It’s a loss in your family and I hope time can heal your heart, and I would wish if I could be there with you to give you a hug and say everything is going to be okay.
        Take care so much…

      2. I know, I used to dream with my catmate after his death, running strong alive and happy, mishearing him thinking we had buried him for mistake…
        You made everything to save her and she lived with your love caring her, I think you gave her a happy life and I am sure she was happy to have had you in her life, I’m grateful to know you despite the distance. Sadly it seems still the medical treatment of cats is not so advanced as in dogs, I felt so angry I couldn’t help him more, but I did the best I could and, as I know you, you did it too.

    1. Your words encourage me to be better. From the beginning your photographs have inspired me to convey strong emotions so a thank you and a smile for you cher Hadorable :-)

      1. I would love to see more of your local photography, street and people photography to discover more of where you live, culture…

  2. Simply amazing Francis.
    And tell me, did you mean “destiny”….? or did you mean “destination”?…
    I love that you would use the word destiny… if it’s an accident, it’s a beautiful one. And if it’s not, it’s truly a poem.

    1. I wrote it thinking like a traveler so it should be “destination” It’s an accident :S (in Spanish Destino is the word for both destiny and destination, hence my lazy error)
      Thanks to the poetry in your soul I can see, for first time, the beauty of it. Thank you very much dear Caroline.

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