Indiferente atardecer

indiferente atardecer

Indifferent sunset

I took this photograph in October of 2009 with my first digital camera, a point and shoot of four mega pixels… the tall building, the Westin Lima Hotel, was built around that time and is the tallest building in Peru, although now the national bank is building one even taller. It’s from a bridge to the bus station, minutes before traveling, again, to the highlands in the south.

15 thoughts on “Indiferente atardecer

  1. Great shot, it looks like you were sitting on top of the bus to take it. It’s 9 days now since I saw any sun or blue sky, it is awful to live in a grey world so am keeping my eyes on your posts!

  2. I like how the sun looks to be pulling the shade down on the horizon. I wish I were in Lima! It’s -13C outside. :0

    1. The heat there is now so strong! it seems we live extrem times. i should have left you my chullo… I loved that sunset, but I had to travel. Thanks for seeing it, Melissa ^_^

    1. In person it was even more interesting, but there were limits for the point and shoots of that year (reason why I get a better camera)
      I am happy you liked it! Greetings ^_^

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