World of silhouettes…

Mars Maritime Garden

Mar’s maritime garden

Silhouettes are those shapes whose forms we can intuit just by their borders… inside them there is a plain mystery with details, colors and stories hide from us.

Perhaps that is the fascination with silhouettes, in our hope that nothing is empty or meaningless they invite us to create stories to explain them.

errant in a long travel

Errant in a long travel

Sparks in orange

sparks in orange

Very often silhouettes belong to the kingdoms of duks and dawn, but not always…

Silhouette framed by a wave in turquoise

Silhouette framed by a wave in turquoise (published before)

Sleepy Sun

Sleepy Sun ~_~

Hand waving its fingers

hand waving its fingers

2D Tower

2D Tower (published before)

A desire of outside

a desire of outside


Campiña (published before)

distant borders

Distant borders (published before)

powerful wings

powerful wings (published before)

luces distantes

luces distantes

A knot with the sun

a knot with the sun

sharp and distant lady

sharp and distant lady

Of course with the technology of current cameras we can illuminate what seems a pure and total shadow; but a world without mystery would lose so many beauty as we fill the shadows with our dreams…

Emerging rock

emerging rock


52 thoughts on “World of silhouettes…

  1. things reduced to a line ! There is a series of Italian cartoons, la linea, drawn by Osvaldo Cavandoli, based on the silhouette of a character, which is just gorgeous in its simplicity and the expression of emotions. Have a funny day, Francis !

    1. Thank you Gilles for the data :O Formidable work, with a line his characters that look so free and flexible, and quite expressive. Funny day for you as well Gilles.

  2. I like silhouettes too. They’re always moody and mysterious and often very beautiful. In fact, the only thing I don’t like about them is trying to spell the word. (I cut and paste the one on this comment just to be sure.) :)

    1. Oh! But English is not my native language kind sir. You are copy pasting from a very mischievous source! : )
      (Guessing you do it from me I mean)

  3. Each picture, Francis, I mean.. such beauty, the very first one really looks like a dream. : ) Also, the Campina (sorry, I can’t seem to find a special ..n for it) ..lovely little clouds. From beyond the shadows and the silhouettes, so much light and color.. maybe also from our beautiful dreams. ^_^

    1. I can give it to you ^^ ———-> ñ and Ñ to copy and paste.
      The colors are more intense when they are framed by shadows ^-^ I reduced the exposure to get most of those silhouettes. : )

      1. Thank you, Francis ^^ Yes, the colors in your photos are always special, they have that warmth.. soft and glossy to the eye. I just love the turquoise, for instance. ^_^

  4. This is such a beautiful post, Francis, and so happy to be able to soak it today. The opening shot is beautiful as its title “Mar’s maritime garden” I agree with you, there is something magical when we see silhouettes, like you say our need to fill up the void with something ~ be it thoughts, stories, memories, anything we wish. Of all the beautiful photos you have here, the “Errant in a long travel” is my favorite, because it is the one I see often (and occasionally it is me) that has me thinking of how the shadow would make for a perfect photo :-) Wishing you well as you finish up your autumn season, and wish the winter treats you well. Take care ~

    1. Thank you for coming, Randall It was nice to me to revisit it as well ^_^ I can see you in that errant too, step by step closer to a place which maybe is a date with something or somebody we were meant to find. If I recall well you are in the Czech Republic, if so I am wishing you a comfortable summer, Randall. Here is a quite brrr autumn, with those blue diamond skies that are more of the winter. Take care dear friend.

      1. The other day, summer solstice in Seattle, I went down to the waterfront with my camera just to relax and photo this time of year and the feeling of silhouettes was still in my mind and it was the ‘creative spark’ which made the evening for me :-) So, thank you again for your inspiration! There is something more special about this year and I think with everything happening we are more aware of the connections we have or could have and hopefully we get out to find them… and finding them is not too important, it is getting out and enjoying the simple things of life because those things are often the most beautiful :-) I hope you are staying warm as winter begins! Take care ~

      2. I am happy for having had contributed to kindle to that spark; and happy to read you, Randall ^_^ I will look for it too. Here winter is not that cold as years ago, I hope summer there won’t be too hot, it will be more vibrant than previous years I feel. Best wishes from far away : )

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