Fat clouds parade

fat clouds parade

Clouds when are in group seem to have a human intentionality in their movements, a kind of quiet goal. Of course it’s just several forces mathematically calculable that move them from one point to another. Perhaps its origin is in the flapping of a butterfly…

Tomorrow I’m heading to the South, perhaps I could go to the Chilean north a while. I’ll schedule a post just in case ;-)

15 thoughts on “Fat clouds parade

  1. It’s a bit dangerous to be thinking of Chaos theory just before you travel ;) Have fun. Be Safe and take lots of photos!

    1. Hi, Melissa^^/!, I’m happy to see you, and I wish you a great time in your blog and that the change give you something better and funny. I still can like your posts in my reader but I prefer to respect your decision and enjoy as a reader your chronicles, I’ll look forward to see what happens next ;-)
      Peru means chaos, you learn to ride it as a wave and find the implicit order. You just have to outthink the only law working here, the Murphy’s law, and do the things in reverse, if you try to act like there were a kind of order you simply get stuck an eternity in the chaos.
      Thanks! Happy weekend there in the country of the paisas (y)

      1. That’s some heavy stuff for Friday night, but after three months in Peru, I think I know what you mean :) Happy weekend to you, too!

    1. Thanks Karen for the good wishes and the compliment; I’ll be careful and I’m sure there going to be nice views to share. Wish you a nice weekend Karen, thanks for coming.

    1. Thanks :-)! I hoping you can rest after moving to London as well ;-) We are in autumn so the climate near the sea is a bit fresh in the mornings but warm at afternoons, I was today with a shirt and a light sweater. Brace yourself, winter is coming!! (to our hemisphere at least :D)

      1. haha ;-) For me, it’s more like “summer is coming” ;-)

        I’m moving to Leeds, it’s not that far away from London (4 hours drive). It’s in the North of Yorkshire. It’s less busy than London (thankfully !)

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