Lady in ink

This drawing is based in a vignette of a story draw and told (a comic or fumetti considering that the author is Italian) by Hugo Pratt. It has some years and my brother’s cats were scratching it so I decided to scan it before it disappear even more…

The last days I wrote about the Divine Comedy and dreams. It’s already more than a month since the lady I love is absent. Every day I dream about her and to my despair some of them were nightmares: she loved other or she simply had forgotten me, I can control until some point my dreams so I’ve changed them for more positive stories. I assume she is preparing to decide which profession is she going to choose; I’m assuming that I’m not guilty. In the last times when I talked with her my work was heavier so I disconnected a week from the internet to finish it and have more time with her. That was something terribly wrong, she has priority above mere work, I couldn’t find words to say sorry but probably she had to travel. Who knows. It was the first time I feel this with a person I knew in internet so I don’t know much about it, just about what I feel. The first time when she just disappeared I wrote this farewell but I’m so tired of them, I mean, to say good bye. I think I’m going to do my best to be a better man and get to be with her. But it was inevitable to think in the poor Dante, he made a giant palace to his Beatriz, vast and perfect, but, among several things that means the Divine Comedy, one is about Dante’s nightmare: Beatriz is lost to him and when after crossing the distractions of the geography of hell and purgatory, he got to met her but he never got to be loved. In a certain way that subtle detail was the perfect hell to Dante: Beatriz is not saving him but punishing him; the dream turned into a sad nightmare.


8 thoughts on “Lady in ink

  1. I am not sure if you have physically met the lady, or only met over the internet, it doesn’t sound like you ever knew each other very well. I love the drawing.

    1. Kind lady, sometimes things just happen. I never ever considered internet a place to get in love, not even I consider it a real place and if I was with some girl it was because I met her some night face to face. I don’t know her physically, my first time to me, although we have talked and see us with video; and we regularly talked around eight continued hours, she’s the person that knows me more than anyone and I know her, although not completely, better than anyone. She lives in Ecuador, at the North of my country but the distance is meaningless, I could be there the Sunday (instead I’m going to travel to Chile to have a better perspective), but I’ve to understand that she needs time for her stuff. I only know that for first time my mind is clear (in that respect, in other things it’s a mess) and I’ve no doubts. Thanks :-)

      1. I understand that feeling, long before we got together, my hubby and I communicated long distance, by letter and phone, it is somehow easier to be deep and meaningful when not so face to face. The intensity is phenomenal and addictive, soul consuming. Being together in the flesh so to speak, is not so intense, but oh my it’s so much easier on the mind! X

      2. I understand it :-) (and I congratulate it for your success) that in a certain way when we are separated we abstract and idealize ourselves selecting the best and hiding the “nasty” or not so good. We both are quite honest in don’t have secrets… But you are right, together in the flesh can be quite different but still I prefer to try and fail that don’t try and nothing more. Thanks very much for reading, hugs :-)

  2. she looks a lot like a French actress: Anny Duperey… when she was in her 30’s!:-)))
    * * *
    ah, Hugo Pratt, one of the greatest drawing artists of the world… and his Corto Maltese!:-)
    * * *
    dreams and nightmares are normal and a Freudian psychoanalyst could interpret and explain their meaning(s) to you… it seems that most of them have sexual origins…;-)))
    * * *
    Chile?… not Japan yet?… bon voyage, bon vent y hasta luego, amigo! :-)))

  3. I’ve just searched her, she’s gorgeous, intense eyes and a beautiful smile. When I see that lady I also think that she have a French look.
    * * *
    Yes, Corto Maltese is a name for adventure. I think I like more his stores in the WWII, the hate of wars doesn’t touch the man with eyes of child.
    * * *
    Precisely for that reason I don’t pay much attention to Freud, everything seems to be sexual :D Instead I read with much interest to Jung, although Jung use exclusively European mythology in his analysis of dreams so I’m sure that it would be needed a kind of Peruvian Jung to get an applicable theory here. Although I remember Jung wrote that sometimes there is a sexual significance.

    * * *

    Chile would meant to extend my travel more days, short days it seems. But anyway, at least I know already more or less how much to pay and how many time I need to go to there…

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