11 thoughts on “The giant of the six hearts

  1. Come on, beautiful pic, but your line below is asking for a debate.. and horror!! no, not that.. hahaha.. octacore? dodecacore..?? hahaha
    I loved this the first time I saw it and you explained to me how it is done.. very nice..

    1. haha, yeah! the correct had been octacore but it had been in contradiction with the image, alas, the compromises, among two errors I had to choose one so I opted for the term.
      Thank you, Tejaswi.

    1. That’s good because it’s in Peru so I’m happy you see it exotic. It seems there is not much of this tradition in other places. Thanks for coming, Nicole. Kind regards.

    1. It’s the best and the sweetest ☺, sadly girls here seems to thing that it’s a tool for power (if you bring stability or money then you can get it) or simply something wrong…

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