Let’s see the stars traveling the sky

Let's see the stars traveling the sky

Once I saw a terror movie, Warlock, a man from the middle ages in this time hunting a kind of wizard, in one scene the sky get full stars. I didn’t understand the extraordinary because that was our normal nocturnal sky; my older brother said me because in those cities, usually in the coast, they cannot see the stars. Every time I live in a coastal city I always see the sky and it’s quite oppressive to cannot see the stars I know should be there, as living in a kind of sphere. The sky in the photograph has a middle number of stars, in my home in the highlands the night seems to explode so as Bowman I want to say “It’s full of stars” XP.

15 thoughts on “Let’s see the stars traveling the sky

  1. I’ve seen Warlock, too, but it’s been so long that I can’t remember it too well. I’ll have to see it again. I love the stars in your photo; they look almost surreal!

    1. Yes, I have the same issue, I cannot remember well the argument, I’m not sure if it’s a wizard or a human with demoniac powers traveling in time.
      I highlighted the stars a bit, but tried to show what I saw with my eyes :P Thank you!

  2. Lovely starry sky and glowing building. Who doesn’t love looking at the nigh sky, and yours is so pretty.
    We are having a super moon and lunar eclipse combination at 3 in the morning, I can’t stay up for it as I have to work tomorrow :(

    1. In Peru it’s going to happen around nine pm so it’s going to be more comfortable to see, I thought it would be mostly seen in America (Do you say Americas?) so happy it happens, even if you’re in Morpheus’ arms ☺

  3. Based on your description, I’m trying to imagine the night sky over Juliaca. Given the altitude, it must be brilliant. Do you have any photos?

  4. this is an incredibly beautiful sky… of course, in the city, we don’t see so many stars… and it’s sad… I do sit in a hammock on the balcony in the summer, looking at whatever stars there are… and knowing that many of them I don’t see… I lived long enough in the country to know the difference… it’s a beautiful picture Francis… in every way.

    1. The stars I’d think are in the lights of your beloved city, the myriads of kind eyes that you see and portrait, in exchange I’m sure you saw auroras, I’ve never seen one as it’s impossible near to the equator.
      Your image in a hammock is something I’d love to draw…

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