10 thoughts on “Little piece of cotton

  1. In Germnay we call the cirrocumulus “Schäfchenwolke” – that means “lamb-cloud”. Sugar or lambswool?
    It’s such a balanced photo, Francis, in colour and in image formation.

    1. I have forgotten so much of the classification of clouds, although a visit to Wikipedia shows that probably due to the closeness to the ground probably the cloud I photographed could correspond to another type. Thank you for stimulate my curiosity, Ulli :-)

      Actually lambs and sheeps were just introduced with the Spaniard invasion in XVI century. So it’s not a totally incorporated animal to our vision of the world. More appropriate to Peru would be our alpacas.

      Perhaps I was hungry when I choose the tittle because I was thinking in zuckerwatte or cotton candy (yummy! :D)

      I’m glad you liked the photograph, Ulli. Thanks for your kindness and great week ahead,


      1. Glad I piqued your curiosity, Francis :-)
        Yes, you’re right. The cloud could also be an altocumulus. But “my leo.org” gave me the cirrocumulus as a translation for “Schäfchenwolke” ;-)
        Yes, I know the sheep is not a typical animal of Peru. With sheeps I associate New Zealand. –
        If we already talk about heaven, let’s have a look at the stars :-) There is a big difference between the names of the star signs in the north and the south astrometry and I know a llama called Yacama. The story about Yacama fascinated me very much. So what I wanted to say is: This story is a proof or an argument of the importance and meaning of llamas/alpacas in your country. –
        Thanks for remind me to engage in thinking “limitless” with that wonderful photograph :-)
        Have a great day, Francis,

  2. Beautiful picture. And colors. Personally, I wouldn’t eat the little cloud, I’d use it as a pillow… and a friend… it looks like a cuddly bird…
    The pinkish red of the ground is impressive… the texture and everything. I can’t quite figure out if it’s rock or some sort of soil, even some snow and plants… What is it Francis?

    1. When I publish a photograph or an idea I’m happy to read how it works for another minds. Your imagination as always is a treasure.
      The ground is a blend, the line is the old railway and for that next to it are the stones (quite reddish, I suspect they could have aluminum) and the ground is red soil with high levels of clay. The few vegetation is our ichu, a kind of tall yellow grass.
      The colors in part are due that I shot it from the dirty window of an autobus while traveling the highway, I needed to process until the window with its green shade wouldn’t appear in the final output but it could contribute to give it funny colors :-) Thanks for your time u_u

  3. Ha!Ha!Ha! But Francis, this is not snow! This is just an attempt to snow! Because I have a “sea of snow”, I share with you, by today posting! Do not be afraid; I keep the cold weather just for me! :D

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