The horizontal windows of the brick building, make me think in the comic character Cyclops, from X-Men… it’s in the houses in the neighborhood in Juliaca. We live near the Apu (sacred hill) Huaynarroque.

This was shot with a Fujifilm X-E1 and a Fujinon XF 35mm 1.4R I bought to my younger brother, he like so much velvia colors so I thought it would be a nice camera for him, but (he is in Buenos Aires) told me that he didn’t use so much the camera and today I knew that his camera was stolen with other things in the car of a friend of him… I feel grateful that it was just stolen and he wasn’t there to be harmed or attacked. When kid I used to feel afraid to receive things because I usually ended breaking them and consequently there was a rain of words of disappointment, of course I believe in take care of things, my camera, cell phone, and laptop are enduring years because I’m careful, but I don’t believe that things should be more important than ourselves, if we miss a tool then we have to get another, learn from the experience and move on. For that reason I don’t care about that camera, and I’m more interested about my brother and his safety, perhaps unconsciously he didn’t want the camera so I’m going to search another better for him.

I think is a nice moment to post a review of that camera ;-)