“Andromeda is not there,” said the blue waves…

'Andromeda is not there' said the blue waves...


This is a image based in a photography I took in Ilo city. Usually when I edit a photograph my goal is to mirror what I think I saw, sometimes a kind of red, or a silhouette, so although some are blurred, others dark, some others saturated or desaturated in the end they are what I saw in my mind. Instead this image is a modification of the colors I saw, because the ocean there is turquoise and the rocks are darker, but my intention was to create a composition using a photograph as a start point. So to me this is a digital composition based in a photograph and not a photograph in the proper sense of the term.

I know photographers would disagree, regularly I read some of them ranting “I hate to be called ‘digital artist’!,” (what makes me think that they don’t have much love for digital artists, lol) but, hey, I’m not photographer ;-)

16 thoughts on ““Andromeda is not there,” said the blue waves…

  1. So you distorted reality a bit, like something out of a movie….say, ‘Clash of the Titans’?
    Besos grandes!

    1. I distorted it a lot in the colors: pink rocks and a icy blue sea xP Could be that movie but the original, that was one of my favorites when kid, I didn’t see the remake, Is it worth to see the latter?
      Although after a second thought I think perhaps I was thinking in an anime, ‘Saint Seiya,’ stuffed with a lot of mythology and precisely the Saint of Andromeda was a man with a pink armature.
      Besos, gracias por venir Melissa ^_^ (or Milisa according to Starbucks crew)

      1. Of course I meant the original ‘Clash of the Titans’.
        The remake was good for CGI and eye candy, but not much else : P
        Ok – after a second look I can see the Japanese anime influence :)
        Sweet dreams !

  2. It’s your photo and so it’s your photostory you want to tell – with digital art or without digital art. You’re the commander, Francis :-)
    I like it.
    Best wishes

    1. Exactly! for that I mentioned “to me” because I think these are my concepts and are different from the point of view of others. Thanks for your kind words, Ulli,

  3. As far as I’m concerned, you just created a beautiful image… and that blue is what I would call a perfect aqua blue… and this, from a digital artist who loves playing with images and infusing them with poetry, whatever that means. -_- I love your words… thank you Francis.

    1. A characteristic in Aymara language is to be careful to say the truth. I would feel so bad to had presented this image without saying that it was a fantasy made over a photography, because some readers could have taken as somebody that exists in this shared dream that we call reality.
      I love your words, your images, your spirit, your humanness, when I see your photographs I know the colors change and the contrast but I know that that’s the way you see the world. so to me they are actually spot on photographs
      Thank you Caroline for seeing around here and find beauty in what I publish, a beauty that mirrors the one in you.

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