Tumultuous day

Tumultuous day

Once I published a fragment of this photograph of the sea in Ilo city with the colors altered; I transformed the turquoise sea into a blue icy one and the rocks in a pink from another world.

If you have curiosity the post is here.

23 thoughts on “Tumultuous day

      1. Oh, I used to live close to a shore like that two decades ago and I used to hate not being able to sit there because of the sharp rocks. One monsoon I went closer and nearly got cut into ribbons for my trouble hahaha…Terribly rough sea and those sharp rocks. That memory scares me, I suppose.

    1. Thank you for your compliments, Ulli. I’m sorry to haven’t wrote before, I just could access to internet. Ilo city is one of my favorite places to be.
      Wishing you are having a great Sunday,

      1. Thank you, Francis. We had nice weather today, too warm but dry. Your photos show that you like Ilo city :-)
        Best wishes,

  1. Interesting use of the word ‘tumultuous’. Was it a tumultuous day when you took the photo? Or a tumultuous day when you posted it?

    1. Both were good days, now I notice that the use of tumultous day more than reference the sea as I intended seems to be related to the day itself :-) I was thinking a bit in the paintings of William Turner.
      Hoping you are having a nice Sunday ^_-

      1. I’m having a lovely Sunday, thank you :)
        I just checked out some Turner paintings on Wikipedia. He liked to paint storms, so now I get the reference to ‘tumultuous’.
        btw…Did you post on your blog last night? Or is my reader not updating properly?

      2. Thank you, Melissa. Actually not, yesterday the work in a construction occupied me the whole day so I posted in this morning and in the night I’ll post again to compensate. It’s not so important anyway, life is more important than this virtual life ;-)

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