24 thoughts on “Free us!

  1. It’s pure bliss.. to be thinking in fireworks! :D
    Your post reminds me of a photo I took which I meant to post last Sunday, but I ..put off. This Sunday I’ll definitely post it. :)

  2. And now ..I wonder how I can make the ..wonderful picture a little bit smaller, to fit more elegantly. I wonder if I can resize it somehow, I’m sorry but ..do you think this is possible? It doesn’t show up in my Media Library anyways. Any ideas? :) I really hope I’m not causing you any kind of trouble.

    1. Hello kind lady. Actually I never used the tool to reblog -_- I cannot see your comments in my option for notifications neither. I think it’s due to your theme, it´s different to the theme I use here so they have different settings to post images.
      Perhaps you can if you modify your post from “picture” to “standard” in the type of post. That´s whay I do to avoid bigger sizes….
      There is no troubles, just a thanks to you and a smile :-)

      1. Thank you. I tried..but it doesn’t seem to work. I’ll see, maybe I’ll think of sth else. I still wonder why it doesn’t show in my Media Library. Maybe I could have edited it from there, who knows. Thank you anyway. :)

  3. For the happy discovering… I think it might be the architect in you… looking at the perfect little white lines in the red flowers, and the overall perfection of the lines in those flowers… they are pretty amazing…

    1. Before I knew I would study architecture when child I loved the meadows. In the highlands we have wild flowers, but they survive just a little time. I like to think that still that child in me is the one at my core, and the architect is just a way to survive in the adult world :-)
      But yes, those shapes and lines… are mesmerizing @_@ ^_^

  4. Yes! Lovely fireworks suspended in time! It’s too bad they’re behind bars, though. What crime did they commit?

    1. I heard they are gang to like to rob the petals of innocent roses at night D:
      haha, well, actually the crime is in we, the Peruvians. Park need fences to stop vandals -_-

      1. We get that here, too. I’m afraid there’s no escape from the capacity to destroy. Then again, in Singapore, you face a SERIOUS penalty if you’re caught vandalizing.

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