Football: Robben and the Justice in Football

Today I’m reading a commentary from Robben after the Netherlands defeat against Argentina. He said to the German Kicker:

I have no doubt that Germany will be world champions. Argentina have no chance of beating Germany


It was a tough elimination, because we were very close to another final. But I am proud of this team, who I believe were superior to Argentina over 120 minutes of play,

But to FIFA (I presume before the interview to Kicker):

 You could see that we were much fitter than Argentina [towards the end of the match], but they are such a good team. They were better [in the shoot-out] and that’s really painful. But it’s all part of the game and you can’t blame anyone, even the boys who took the penalties. We did it all together. We won together and now we must lose together. But I am so proud of this squad, truly.

Certainly the declarations to Kicker are words from somebody that was near to win everything and ends losing it. But coming from Robben it surprised me a bit, it sounds something more appropriate coming from the Mexican coach (defeated by the Netherlands team with Robben himself) who is known for have a passional temperament, a Mexican temperament almost I’d say. Herrera said, more or less, the same. That Mexico deserved to win. What is a way to say that the score wasn’t fair: There wasn’t justice. (It must be to be remembered that Robben faked a foul in the first time and after those matches was clear that is one of his tactics)

But the justice in Football is that the one who scores more goals win the match. Even more if Robben wouldn’t thought one second to shoot to the Romero’s arch Mascherano hardly had could rob (pun intended) him the goal. Argentina annulled to Van Persie and Robben and the whole Netherlands team. Sure, the Netherlands team also annulled the Argentinian offensive in a match called boring by people who never played football. It was so leveled that if the Netherlands would win the penalty kicks series it would be fair too.

So Robben words are ones of understandable anger I think. Now he wants that Germany win upon the rival that defeated the team that lost in part because he didn’t get the goal (in the Argentina side they lost at least two goals) But anybody can speak about football, now is time that he makes it worth and defeat to the Brazilian team or he is going to end simply just a fool angry because he wasn’t in the final. Because if the Netherlands team is defeated then the argument that they deserved to win the semi-final is just

Sneijder was less emotional and told to FIFA:

It was a tough elimination, because we were very close to another final. But I am proud of this team, who I believe were superior to Argentina over 120 minutes of play,

Again I saw a leveled match. You can be superior just if you won. It seems that the Mexican team played with the Netherlands uniforms LOL. They, the Netherlands team, did it well, they fought but they lost. Now try to win the match against Brazil.

He added:

 I think there was only one team that wanted penalties and that was them [Argentina]. And yes, they won, so well done to them.

False. The Netherlands wanted more to get the penalties. Why? Because they are colder. Honestly I thought that the Netherlands team was to going to win this one, but the History was other… Football is one of the things on the Earth with more real Justice. It’s no important if your country is wealthy, poor, from one religion or another, if your skin is white, black, red, yellow or brown. It’s about eleven men against eleven men and fortunately this World Cup is the proof that that nonsense about these times there is no place for heroes and the team is the only thing that counts. Far from the truth. In football the team has great importance, but still one man, any man, can do a difference. Bra71l tried the route of the team idea and they lost. Before they had another luck because there were figures despite the coachs that, for a selfish idea to get the glory to them and not to their countries, have fear to the heroes and invented the idea that mechanical teams without heart wins the cups.

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