Greenpeace does Peru (very badly) in Nazca.


A symbol of our ancestors for us but an objective to destroy for Greenpeace.

(Read here the message without rational explanation of Greenpeace )

Centuries ago Spaniards destroyed our sacred places to force us to give them the gold of our lands, our art and divinities; years ago a group of Chilean young tourists did a graffiti in the stone of the twelve angles (a stone sculpted with the highest level of mastership); Months ago a Peruvian mayor took sculptures of a Peruvian civilization to a museum built with corruption; days ago Greenpeace put in risk the remains of one civilization unique and special as every civilization in the world that has disappeared and deserves better than an act of violence.

Initially I thought in name this post “Greenpeace piss (off/on) Peruvian culture” but perhaps I’m wrong and there is a little hope that it was due to ignorance and not because they could think that historic legacy is insignificant in relation to the climatic change. Is that or our native civilizations exists just to satisfy sadists pleasures of destruction by ignorant (Peruvian and foreigner) subjects.

I think it’s a problem of unbalance: the Spaniards thought that their poverty gave them an excuse to rob us; the young Chilean thought that the freedom of their youth was more important that the respect to the work and dedication of the young people of other times; the corrupt politician thought that his need of money was more important than the common good of the people that chosen him; Greenpeace thinks that the fight for the environment is more important that anything else. ANYTHING. And that’s wrong, nature is important but history, science, art, and happiness are too. Beyond that when you consider yourself a God then you’re unbalanced, that in my dictionary is the origin of extremisms. For example I support the end of that torture disguised of art named bullfight, but I don’t support the people that paint private walls promoting its end because that is violence against the freedom and rights of others.

And that was the action and message of Greenpeace, the new “conquerors”, when they entered without permission, respect nor conscience to Nazca’s Lines. A place extraordinarily sacred: violence.

I promise them I’ll never forget (and I never forget)

9 thoughts on “Greenpeace does Peru (very badly) in Nazca.

  1. Greenpeace is just another organisation in the wake of the totalitarian regime which calls itself United Kingdom (what a joke).

    Greenpeace intention never was good and positive and in respect to human beings. But just a tool to perfom similar things under disguise as those Spaniards in the middle-ages performed openly.

    In my humbly opinion, you are absolutely correct to be very wary of those folks.

    Enjoy the weekend,

    1. Actually because that I defined their actions as an act of violence. I didn’t comment it yesterday because there wasn’t anything official and it could be that the intervention in the Nazca’s lines were an act to discredit them. But today I could read in their own official web page that it was a premeditated act, so it had in its origin a bad intention: to use a sacred place (related with the summoning of life) as a platform not of conscience but of advertisement.
      Thanks for the data Salva, I’m going to investigate more about the origin of that organization.

    1. Gracias Mélanie, no me había dado cuenta de la ironía del nombre XD
      I’ve read the article but I cannot access the discussion or see it. It seems like I need to register -_-
      , in any case it seems that there is no much substance nor compromise.
      Well, is needed to say that there was a Peruvian archeologist too to lead them, the lines are like scars in a very sensible skin, the Greenpeace group couldn’t know (perhaps) but the Peruvian knew it.

    1. Thanks dear Wanda ^_^, actually more than frustration I think it’s disappointment. People who is sensible to the fragility of the environment and nature should be, in a perfect world, sensible to the fragility of our memories.

  2. Violence begets violence.
    Even when the violent believe they are right and good, their violence only creates more violence, damage, and destruction. It ends up hurting the cause they may believe is good and noble.
    There are better ways.

    1. Precisely Vincent. I understand that and I tried to don’t reply violently to their action (action with complicity of Peruvians, as a Peruvian I’m not going to hide that) I hope that a rational answer can show them that violence is not the way and we would prefer the intelligence (why don’t shape the message with Peruvian communities that care the environment or an action in Peru to stop to use the energy during the meetings)
      Thanks for your visit ad your thoughts. Best wishes:

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