Under my closed eyes a dream of snow and messenger clouds

under my closed eyes a dream of snow and messenger clouds

Long exposure without filters

If you have a camera capable to operate in manual you can try to give a dreamy look to the photographs choosing the higher number of your aperture to reduce the light and therefore use a long exposure (the camera’s shutter is working more than one second). For example here I used an aperture of F 11 (my lens has an aperture between 2.8 to 16, being 11 the second highest) so the light in the lens was reduced and the time of the shutter was four seconds. Then the clouds more than static are showed in motion like cottons. This technique works better with the less amount of light, so it’s in dawn or dusk. If you cannot control your camera then you could choose the “night” mode.

The downside is that when you use the highest number it appears a phenomena called diffraction that turns a bit imprecise or soft the image, but because that was my intention here is no a problem. When you need motion or movement but at the same time sharpness in a sunny day your best bet is using a quality ND (neutral density) filter to achieve this effect earlier in the day.

In this photograph I wanted to reflect the contrast between the immovable mountains against the travelers little clouds.

13 thoughts on “Under my closed eyes a dream of snow and messenger clouds

    1. Vielen dank Salva :-), it’s great that looks like a hard to get shoot because I shot it from a roof XP
      I’m not Christian but I’m very grateful for your wishes and in turn I hope you have a great Christmas, sir.

      1. Oh … my mistake! Very sorry, I really didn’t want to intrude or appear rude.

        Kindly accept my apology. I should have enquired from your beforehand.

      2. Oh, no, it wasn’t rude in anyway :-) in my land what is important is the intention and your was a brotherly wish. Accord to us rude would be if I pay with a bad wish your polite greeting, but also would be dishonest don’t say the truth from my side, so everything is ok freund Salva ;-) Thanks for the gentleness.

      3. Phew, thank you SO much for your kind reply and reassurance.

        Then I send my very best wishes to you for an enjoyable and relaxating Sunday. :)

      4. @”I’m not Christian…” – same here, FR… btw, I’m simply Mélanie…:-)
        * * *
        my both parents(RIP) were born on Dec 25th… to me, X-mas day is just another December day… in fact X-mas and easter have completely lost their original significance and the’ve become “commercial & material days” with a shopping frenzy that puzzles and horripilates me every year… HELP!!! you have to see it, to believe it!:-)))

      5. Yes! there is no need to tag ourselves XD, we’re more than a profession, a sign or a number.
        Your parents were born in the same day, that’s amazing, sounds like destiny :-)
        BTW is the same here, or even worse because Christianity has just four centuries so it’s more a commercial day. Here Christmas has two meanings:
        *The meaning of give and receive presents (and there is no Jesus anywhere) while simulating winter in Summer XD
        *The REAL or TRUE meaning seen in a TV channel (according to their propaganda lmao) with “Home Alone” or “Jingle all the way”

    1. That would be lovely, although now my problem would be to build first the wall XD, my portable home is a backpack.
      Thanks for a flattering comment kind lady n_n

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