Afternoon in the gas station

Afternoon in the gas station

There is something special about gas stations, they are nodes to stories: the couple taking a time to be alone in a faraway place: the truck driver one day more in the long route across our deserts, jungles, beaches and mountains; a person traveling to a place not knowing if he’s going to come back again.

An afternoon in the gas station.

8 thoughts on “Afternoon in the gas station

    1. Perhaps due to the extension. When I think in England I think more in busy ports, the sea and ships and rural roads; but not gas stations.
      Instead to me countries with highways like USA have, in my imagination again, this taste of stories.

  1. I think it’s charming that you have such a romantic view of gas stations, but you’re right, it does represent an important nexus for travelers in an automobile….perhaps even an oasis.
    I usually like to visit the small shops attached, especially in foreign countries. You never know what treasures you will discover :)

    1. Yes! there is one shope in a gas station in the city where I buy some chocolates; and other in the highway were is sold natural (made in the countryside) yogur.
      Thanks for the visit dear treasure hunter ;-)

  2. yeah, gas stations can be very special places… they are often part of trips, and places in between moments and changes…
    I remember you telling a story about an important moment of your last years that happened in a gas station…

    1. I remember well, the photograph was about two laddies talking in a gas station, and the story was a meeting with a lady in a night in the street where we were walking and laughing happy as children.
      I like your username “Caroline D” the “D” resembles the symbol for a happy laugh :-D, every time I read your comments I cannot avoid to think in you being quite happy.
      A great smile to you from the far South *x* (this is the face of a kitten)

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