Dragon skin

Dragon skin

…in the rocky hills, Can you see it?

This is in middle of the road that connect Juliaca (my city) to the near Lampa, the pink city, in the Andean Plateau at more than 3800 meters above the sea level in a place if weren’t for Andes would be a tropical jungle :P. The true name of my city is Xullaca; I think in the case of Lampa that’s true name.

15 thoughts on “Dragon skin

    1. hehe, well, not exactly a dragon, just the skin of one in the texture, please give buck the glasses of your hubby before he goes to street with Monopoly bills instead of real ones ^-^

  1. To me it looks like.. you’re in the shade peering at the dragon, looming on the horizon, ..its back skin against the sky. :-) And what a sky! ^_^

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