8 thoughts on “Moonsical

  1. Moon in an orange and blue symphony of textures, forms and lines. And please, not again a shot from a bus passing by. Otherwise I have to rethink my way of taking photos. :-) This one is actually one of my favorites of your work, Francis.

    1. Oh, you noticed it due to the perspective :D, yes, it’s from a window bus, but this time the bus made an halt at least. I had to see the documents of a client and I saw that the moon was low in the horizon so I took the camera.
      Actually several of the most viewed photographs here are the ones from busses window, I don’t know why, perhaps they look less staged and fresher or natural; that doesn’t happen so much with the ones shot with tripod and preparation. But I love all of them the same.
      Thanks for the warm compliment Reinhold. A big greeting,

    1. Your country is a paradise for photographers (or perhaps the climate forces to you the be better) I remember your reports, some of them were from the highway and I found marvelous the landscapes, thanks for the analogy :)

      1. Well I found out today that you are an architect, and yesterday I took shots of the architecture of Newcastle which is my nearest city, it is a paradise for photography, but Reinhold has made me see that I need to look at the architecture more creatively.

      2. We had a football player, Solano, in the Newcastle United, if I remember well it’s an industrial city :-) Reinhold take his time to take great photographs, When my ND filter arrives I’ll try to use it inspired by the work of Reinhold (but there is no much contemporary architecture and my projects usually are quite small) I don’t know if it’s going to get the same quality but sure it’s going to be funny :P (“hey, Why r u shotin’ our bank guy?! release the dogs!!”)
        I know I’m going to enjoy your photographs of Newcastle ;-)

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