30 thoughts on “Moonrise over the city

      1. That’s true, there is nobody else more humble than me. I dare others against my humbleness. xD haha, j/k I like to say just the truth and nothing more, but if I did something well I have no problem to say it as well. :P

  1. The moon is lovely but it is the tilled earth in the foreground that makes the photo for me. It must be the lines leading my eyes back and up. Very nice.

    1. Thank you Kim, in my case the composition was lead by the moon in the upper part and the circle in the concrete… like in an imperfect reflection.
      I am glad you liked it ^_^

      The land has more than tilted actually has a slope, this is because in that part before it was a place of hills, I use a three axis bubble level to don’t edit in computer. But as I wanted to include more of the sky I tilted the camera toward the upper vertical axis. I remember I was thinking in edit and correct perspective but… for some reason I liked it that way. Nice eye Kim : )

  2. It looks discreet and thoughtful, the moon up there.. almost as if softly savoring an evening talk with the white mountain peaks lost in the distance. The whitish fog, or clouds, also give it a nice dreamy air. : )

      1. It looks magic, Francis.. your photo really gave it that magic feel. So interesting.. mountains and nature shaping human entities, almost like spirits. Looks like the mountain is breathing. ^_^

      2. Today I’ll publish something of it, moon and magic could be related. In that hour the city seems to be breathing to wait for the busy night ^_^

      3. Your moonrise there.. is my sunrise here, Francis, thank you. ^^ I can’t wait tomorrow morning.. you too, have a beautiful day. ^-^

    1. Thank you Ulli. Screen layout is a term for theater I think? google translate gives me a meaning I think don’t correlates :s

  3. Soon, we’ll be without the moon
    Humming a different tune and then
    There may be tear drops to shed
    So while there’s moonlight
    And music and love and romance
    Let’s face the music and dance
    Let’s face the music and dance

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